Wise spending on Halloween store

Hi all!

With the new and exciting pumpkin hunt undergoing, it’s important to spend your candy corns wisely especially for low level players. I created this topic to let everyone discuss what they personally think are items worth buying hopefully helping players in the process. Make sure to include the Player level range you think are worth It!

Currently candy obtainable:

F2p players candy available: 10k

Special offer: 8.7k

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Probably any skins you missed, and then straight for the MK6 and MK5 cores since they are most sought after atm. Lower levels may prioritize things different.

Kiyoshi Forged skin first, then spend the rest on MK5 & 6 cores. :upside_down_face:

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Hmm… If I am also a low lvl player then, i must buy mk 5-6


Also worth spending 400 FREE GOLD to get 1,200 Holiday Tokens. :sunglasses:


Cores 5 and 6 and halo 2.0 skin is all I need. Maybe the cash

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Was wondering why there was matador frags, but you couldn’t buy Muerto Matador as it also sort of counts as a Halloween skin.:thinking:


Now that you mentioned it, i was wondering it too… :face_with_monocle:

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Was looking for muerto. Missed the event last time

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Glad I read this. I thought they just core fragments. I might skip the skins and get all cores first

MK5 & 6 cores are rare, you don’t get them everyday… :slightly_smiling_face:


Update: we can now get 10k for freee !

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we can only buy all the mk6 cores and maybe 3-4 mk5 cores after collecting all the pumpkins… i guess HH want us to spend lots of gold this time if we want to get other items.

I would prioritise buying the MK V and MK VI Cores.
Then because I am short on QW Tickets and Cash , I will look to buy them.
With the recent changes to the Skins of heroes, I am not looking much on buying skins , but Skin of Kiyoshi can be useful as it , adds health to her but it’s costly.

I would say No to buying the following things ( My personal preference others can have other point of view)
Hero XP , Skill Points , Skin Token , Hero Token .

Buying Hero Fragments ( Razorback, Maven, etc ) and Elemental Fragments it’s a personal choice and depends on how much Gems you are left with .

P.S. - There is a Offer going on in the Stores, with 400 Gold you will get 1.2k Gems/Holiday Tokens. This is one option that you can oft for …


No Ninja, Mata Muerto it was for Cinco de Mayo
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinco_de_Mayo If i were a novice player i would buy everything i can by buying all the offers in gold.

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Thanks for info, I was just curious because it kind of has that Day of the Dead theme and touch to it. I love that skin, also talking about skins, do you think Lovestruck Cross will come back during valentines or the Easter Egg hunt?

Just a tip, but check to see if there’s any hero’s you don’t have in the hero crate BEFORE you buy all the tokens in the store. I kinda didn’t and now I have two useless tokens.

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Dont listen to them fools… Muerto was given for finding all 100 pumpkins last year!

I know was just replying politely.

Can we buy holiday tokens or pumpkins? I didn’t know that