Sentry stagger cannot be 65%

Anyone else feel like sentry stagger from gold ability is 99%?? He is the most frustrating hero to verse, he renders the hero you play unusable as his shots stagger one after the other.

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At the same time is pretty squishy, switch to an other hero an blast him to pieces

I use sentry a lot and I’d say 65% is pretty close to what I’m experienced. It just feels more common when you are on the receiving end. Having 3-4 in a row not staggering happens wat too often too sadly (when I’m using him)

I think 65% is pretty accurate. Dude’s made of glass. Just switch to a mech and take him out quickly.

I used him a lot in the faction event and he seemed to stagger around 6.5 shots out of 10 8)

I reiterate what the others say though, he is very weak and dies fast without good support.

Like all the above has said, use mechs to take him out, if you have played this Long and not able to adapt to the ever changing scenario PVP …