Cep4 in realism!

Well… Cep-4 in realism is glitched sooooo hard… His gold skill kills evry ally… But he can’t kill serial… Only because serial plat can’t be activated at ally

I mean, don’t forget that realism is an April Fools gamemode. Phoenix and Kurtz both instakill the enemy team once they or an ally dies.

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First of all, it’s 4-cep and not cep4. C’mon he is my favorite hero.
Realism is new and had it’s own problems (at least I guess).
For ex: Oracle first strike doesn’t even kill sometimes.
Kurtz DID NOT activate Fierce retaliation.
Hideo’s bronze skill wasn’t activated despite all efforts.

These are just to name a few. Please don’t regard them as complaints. Just that these are not part of the real REALISM

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