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Chat War! What is the purpose of its existence? Do you receive insults from some angry competitors? Or to share love and some romantic words? I want a convincing answer I see it as unhelpful and does not serve anything at all!


Well I only started today and as soon as I entered global chat I saw Sir Milfsalot giving someone grief. I’ll let you do the math but I was born in 1969 & will not put up with bullying of any sort & will fight fire with fire if need be. I have no time for trolls & if they think they’re hard boys giving others crap online then they better watch out :wink:

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I saw that encounter. His main account is milf whisperer. I blocked him ages ago. That feature comes in handy. There are too many trolls to kill on this game. I applaud you for taking the time to do so. If you get too tired, just click “BLOCK”.

As for the OP, war chat is helpful for those who wish to reach out to the other alliances in war without needing to look players up. I do wish we could mute that channel as it gets quite toxic in there as well.


This is as it should be

This solution is very excellent, I did not notice it until after you told me. Thank you

Troll_Killer_1969 &

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Lol ol milfwhisperer

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Yeah he’s a bit of a goose if you ask me :joy:

War chat is good for giving your opponents a direct link to your profile and alliance to check when you’re asleep.

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