Cheaters in pvp are killing this game

Please can you do something about the cheaters ruining pvp? Last week I faced an invisible dogface when there was no way this should be possible based on the team. Tonight in 3x3 I faced an opponent reviving hero’s when halo and frit are not available. I have seen speed bugs, Panzer with infinite ammo. It’s killing the whole pvp experience and something needs to be done. Experienced (spending) players are quitting the game.

Eg. Invisible dogface who unsurprisingly destroyed my team.

That’s a glitch on Shipyard when a hero dies and is revived. Sometimes they Respawn inside a crate, he didn’t plan to do this.


But he could still control the hero and shoot mine… it’s no glitch it’s a hack. If he didn’t plan it why did he continue using the hero

That’s assuming a glitch will ALWAYS keep you from controlling someone, which isn’t true.

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