Chesterfield skin

Was bored, so I made an epic grade skin for chesterfield. By epic I mean, changes ALL the skills.

Skin name: Slayer

Bronze skill: grappling bayonet, this hero launches a bayonet at the enemy, locking them in place and slowing skill charge and reload speed by 20%. Also works like aim assist. Literally can’t miss.

Silver: incendiary flare, this hero launches a flare that aside from the normal crit rate boost, will set an enemy on fire if it lands on them. The fire lasts till death, and for every hit point of damage the enemy takes chesterfield gains a shield equal to damage dealt.

Gold: flame bayonet, upgrades the bronze to now set enemies on fire, same effect as the silver. Plus the bronze abilities.

Platinum: glory kill, each enemy killed gives the hero 10% of their health back and restores 50% of their skills cooldowns. The enemy also violently explodes.

Notes: this skin is gonna need a nerf or four.

Let me know what you think.


So when is this being added? Lol :D.

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You can also just say, doom slayer skin with meathook shotgun

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I could. But copyrights.

How come copyright, they are never going to be using this, and it’s not copyright if you make a post about doomslayer