City hall messed up?

So is city hall changed up with all shoremen or a mistake? Inquiring minds would love to know since we didnt hear nothing about that

My guess is that they did not want to put up Bucket 10 days before bounty, because noone would buy him woth gold then. He propably will be there in the beginning of next week.

I was wondering if it was a mess up like last ti.e or what lol but thanks for your input

Its looking more like a money grab than a mistake.


So we are forced to buy her with cash instead of putting her in City Hall; this is not cool HH…!

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Like any company you have to make money to sustain it. It does suck, I completely agree however why buy her now if everyone will have her in 10 days from farming? Most likely they will relaese her in co-ops however we just have to wait until they do so. Most likely itll be in 5 days once the special offer of her is over then we may see her in co-ops.

Just wondering what time you’re referring to?

I hear you Robert, but what they are doing is almost the same as when they released Brogan, we will have bounties for her, when most people don’t have her yet. We won’t have enough time to farm for her after “The Special”

Bucket will be available to grind for soon. In the meantime, different difficulties of city hall will yield different fragments for a bunch of heroes!