Before next Hero/Bounty

Just wanted to give you some food for thought.

The Last hero launched a few days before 1st Bounty without enough time to Coop the frags needed till Bounty was half way through. I for one play this game as I like to see how I’ve improved in Bounties and working as a Team with alliance.
Missing out half of the Bounty as either your unlucky with spending a few hundred Gold or not willing to spend a weeks wage to get the latest 3 star hero really affected the bounty for me as I’m sure it did for many others.
Previously we had the chance to spend 139 gold for a few frags and I believe 299 Gold for some more which meant you had the Latest hero before Bounties started. Before this we had enough time to Coop the hero before bounties.
I don’t mind which system you use either a few gold to get last few missing frags or start coop for frags a little earlier. Bounties are such a huge part of this game and to be unable to hit as you miss the new hero really stings. Don’t mind the cost of 7 star heros etc that has always been a money pit but the monthly hero needs to be one or other as hit has such an impact on bounties.

Please consider this for the next hero!!!
Got to say thou over last few updates love the improvements to Game. Loved the Carabina Crate love love the Gorgon update, but please think hard about above.


Burned way too much gold first bounty never got her. Definitely not wasting the gold next time

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Yeah 3* Monthly Hero shouldn’t be Luck or Huge Cost

The booster crate is here to stay, the crate you speak of to get 40-60 frags no longer exists and the booster crate has replaced it according to BM

Well they should re think that as missing half of the bounty as you unluckily to get new hero without spending a weeks wage really affects the enjoyment of bounty. Add a few Guaranteed frags to the new crate atleast so the new hero is viable at the start of the first bounty, or start the coop a few days earlier. Either still possible.

I doubt it will change, however a bigger issue that can solve this is solving the missing day between coop raids. It takes 8 days to get 64 frags which is enough to unlock the new hero. This means from time of release for the new coop you will unlock the bonus hero on the Sunday of the bounty weekend rather then the Saturday like it used to be. That missing day would solve your issue entirely tbh

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Agreed as I’ve said start coop little earlier or the first 300 gold crate of new hero awards missing frags

Be nice if they can just increase the max frag gain on bonus hero from 8 to 10 per day. This would solve a lot of issues with regards to timing of getting bonus hero for AW and Bounty.

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That would also work along as the hero is available at start of bounties I’m happy. But removing the hero from the start unless you pay alot alot alot or are very lucky just doesn’t work for me.