Where’s Bucket?

I’m pretty curious as to what happened to the Regular City Hall coop that features the new hero frags.

Most players really wanna do better this coming bounty, including myself, and Shoremen isn’t really known for their offensive capabilities. I’m just wondering how can we get her without spending… or waiting for that matter.


Hey Gino, I totally understand how this feels out of the ordinary but Bucket will be available to grind for very soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy grinding out some other Heroes. Their usefulness may surprise you!


I feel like it would be useless to say I have no clue, so I gonna take a guess. I think she may only be available from crates, special offers for $30.00, or possibly a PvP event rewards. Other than that, beats me.

I seemingly stand corrected.

Best to not jump to conclusions! Good advice for life in general.

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