Ways to unlock Bucket

So am I missing something, or the only way to unlock bucket, would be by spending $30 USD? I dont see any crates or coops.

As stated in the Hero Spotlight, " Where can I get Bucket!?

Bucket_CrateF Bucket_CrateF Bucket will be available from the PvP Crates & Co-op Raid!"

so bound to start soon

Yeah, but theres no way to get Bucket for this upcoming bounty event? Whats the reason behind that?

The current co-op raid ends in 4 days. I expect Bucket raids to start when the current one is over.
She should be in the bounty crates also popping up soon.

Ya would like a answer as well from hhg

It is called money baby, i think it will be the new norm 1st bounty you have to buy the hero. The 2nd we will all have it unlocked though coops.

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