Co-Op Chests

Similar to the PvP Chest (where you unlock one every 5 victories in PvP) what if we had a Co-Op Chest that would unlock every 4 Co-Op raid completions?

Since we typically get 4 co-op raids per day, we could open at least one per day, 2 if you trade, and potentially more if others give you their raids for free…

I think it would greatly increase the incentive to complete all daily Co-Op raids, considering there is a widespread lack of motivation to complete Gorgons especially.

Contents could be Hero Frags/Items dependent on Player Level.


This is an interesting idea but I have mixed feelings about it. While I agree that it would provide incentive to run the Gorgon co-ops, I’m actually really enjoying the freedom right now of NOT running them ever. They’ve always been an awful daily chore and a co-op chest would bring back that resentment because I’d feel like I had to run them in order to “hit all the checkboxes” for the daily grind. I’d really love having a co-op chest around, but more importantly, I just want the Gorgon raid GONE.

Summary: This is a phenomenal idea tainted only by the fact that running the GW raids is utter misery.


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