Glitches get Fixes!

What ever happened to glitches in games getting fixed? I see many moves that are made to generate money and very little attention being given on the smoothness on how this app runs. Now i get it, everyone needs to make money. But for the love of god there should be a balance!! It seems like EVERY aspect of HH has some sort of glitch. Glitches that are widespread and not isolated issues that can be solved by a claim to support.
Its getting worse!!
This needs to change if HH wants to keep running this app. If this breaks any forum rules i really dont care. This needs to be said and this is the best place to say it. So im going to just leave this here and be on my merry way. :v::slightly_smiling_face:


This guy needs a job as a dev, maybe glitches would get fixed and the community would feel appreciated again.


The game is dead. They don’t ever fix anything. This is my last war with a lot of other members. The devs are either ignorant and can’t do their jobs or they don’t care. I honestly think it’s both. All of the game modes are a joke anymore. War is all politics. PVP sucks because it’s the same heroes being used. Extreme was fun but they don’t have enough imagination to keep rolling out more districts. Gorgon is the same gorgon that it’s been for a long time. Coop pvp is a complete sham that the devs know and won’t fix. Instead they let low powered players get pummeled by a cheat in the game. The game and devs are a complete joke. Like kingpin said, they don’t fix anything. They just roll out new heroes to make money and slow the game down even more with its glitches. The only good thing that has come from this game is the friends you make. And there’s discord for that.


I needn’t say more than my own retirement post, KHS and Kingpin are both players I have known for a long time now and they are both 100% correct in these statements.


We as a community do a good enough job at reporting these things. The thing that lacks is the attention given to US. Not the game. If they would listen to us. And take our advice then it would be so easy to fix bugs. Add new gamemodes and content that we ACTUALLY want. It’s one small aspect they should improve on which would solve so many problems


@Okelly we were only chatting about this earlier lol. Kinda sad that the game seems to be taking a nosedive tho…


Yea it’s sad. Sprite and I stoped playing war and coop pvp. Now we just goof around with mini accounts. But hay .we all had some fun in the good ole days



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The fact this has so many likes, just shows how bad the game has gotten. It’s running on fumes and the devs are just sitting and relaxing instead of fixing glitches known for a long time or actually bringing fun back to the game.


This game pretty much a demonstration of how actual marriage progress :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Looks like it’s close to a divorce since one side don’t care about the others except access to the bank account.

  • Chat stability during war start or during an event
  • Bounty scores or points not showing properly
  • Massive lag after updating sectors/zones in war
  • Co-op pvp being exploited to ruin new gamer experiences

The lag and chat stability issues are the worst experiences for me, especially since this game requires a lot of communication and quick moves in war.

The addition of Astral and Void heroes will be a good addition. But I imagine Covid hasn’t been kind to the development of the game, especially with lack of access to the office and what not. Just my thoughts. I dont know if this is why there has been no fixes to some of the issues above.


Lets not forget players that get banned from game support with no ability to plea there situation. Nope, they just get Banned For forever, period end of discussion. SMH!

if they got banned from support they most likely did something that was against the rules and ended up with the ban. so that much was on them.


Mentioning the word ban seems to get you one as well

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I will not discuss and I never open my mouth I expected that this game would relapse unfortunately and many began to leave I had many contributions of suggestions and ideas I only received criticism! The game has become really boring, update after update, nothing changes, the increase in heroes and the increase in the size of the game until it reached 1.66 GB only, we have approximately 112 heroes in a closed circle! With every update after update, I hope a lot, but I am shocked with disappointment
It was previously interesting, but we are tired of eating the same meal on a daily basis, the same shape, the same taste and appearance
Seemingly ! Their full attention is not devoted to us, to our satisfaction
It seems that I will not continue this frustrating journey


yer banned! uh oh, I said banned. I’m banned! :rofl:

But seriously folks, recognize the bloated corpse for what it is. This thing is only still moving because of the blowfly maggots crawling around under the skin.

Ta Ta Hero Hunters, you had a good run.
Not even Forged Fantasy could bring back the fun.
When with every update glitches remain and glitches born,
Two new elements can only be met with derision and scorn.
Clearly free to play, but certainly a must pay,
I bid thee farewell and I wish you a wonderful day. :kiss:


“If you don’t like it, don’t play.” reminds me of when someone is depressed and they get told, “just smile, be happy!” Incredibly dismissive rhetoric that gets nobody anywhere. If people are spending their energy to post on the forums, they like and/or care about this game.

I’m in this weird, limbo mode regarding this entire topic because yes, the game is extremely repetitive; it’s lost its own way and has shifted towards pay to win, War is all about the truces you make, co-op PvP (while nice in theory) is not executed well, and a bunch of other things, but I also see how the community will jump to saying they’re quitting and then not quit.

A lot of people who claim they’ve quit are just causal players now who are still contributing to the game. I know there are people out there who pride themselves on not spending anymore but don’t realize that Tapjoy offers make HH money. The community must believe you can half-quit something. That’s not a thing.

The real underlying issue is that trust has been lost with the business and the consumer. It’s even gotten to the point where the community is turning on its own with how “Community Stars” are looked at in a negative light. The game needs an overhaul and the Community needs a different run-to mentality other than “look at me, I’m quitting!”

  1. I used to like it, now I don’t. And I don’t play…for now…hopeful that a turn-around happens.

  2. I didn’t insult anyone. I thought what you said was funny and correct, but maybe you misunderstood.

  3. speaking of insulting, telling me to grow up is dismissive and insulting. aren’t you supposed to be a moderator or something? I said nothing wrong and did nothing wrong. If you are going to pop off over something like this then perhaps your moderator status is questionable.


Then whats the meaning of this forum for. We can only express the thought where they feel rich?