Wesson 14-10

So I’ve watched kolgans video to beat Wesson by stunning with kunoichi problem is Wesson doesn’t get stunned. With all the changes that get made to characters what is the line up and strategy to beat 14-10 now?

Use Astrix boomerang against wesson… matador, mandrake, butter, kobold, phalanx, any good healer and shielder with Astrix

I used siren + halo and mandrake back in the day. Siren can silence everyone and if you’re fast enough her overlock will kill Wesson

Back in the days i used Cinder to get a 50% extra damage buff, used maven and artemis and other bio’s for damage, and i used kaishi to prevent the vanguard from shielding

I can suggest my team.
I used Dreadnought, Razorback, Matador, Françoise and Duran.
Go manually on Dreadnought for the bombardment and alternate the provocation with Razorback.
The rest u can forget about them but protect Duran since he is the one who usually die first.

If you want, you can change Françoise with Kiyoshi or Halo; or Pharia with Matador but i haven’t try them so idk.

You have two option:

  1. Take your time killing Oracle and Baron first, the two GAU seconds and the rest leave to the team.
  2. Direclty bombard Wesson, but the Operators and Vanguards will been a pain in the arse the whole time.

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