Colonel Wesson's Potential Backstory?

In lieu of the new mystery hero, I came up with this for the Facebook contest and thought I’d share it here… Decided to let my creative juices flow for this one… lol, sorry if its extremely long to read :rofl:

Colonel Wesson, the current commander of the United Armed Forces and devoted adversary of the Kurtz’ Law Givers, dedicates his time formulating militaristic strategies in order to extinguish the inferno that originally set his entire existence ablaze. Despite his undying hatred towards his enemies, however, it has not always been this way…

You see, years ago Wesson was a loyal member of the KLG, a soldier committed to his duties and to the people who led and taught him everything he knew. As time went on, however, he began to recognize and understand the crookedness and corruption that existed within the powerful KLG Faction. These observations conflicted with his naturally righteous and principled assertiveness, and created apprehensions in Wesson that proved to be too much for him to keep quiet. When he opened his mouth and voiced his concerns with the rest of the KLG, they started to view Wesson as an unsafe prospect, and a potential threat to their commanding reign. The KLG could not afford to risk losing their authoritative supremacy.

After Wesson made clear to them that he was not pleased with their wicked actions, the KLG decided to eliminate the ‘loose end’. One day, after sending Wesson on a solo mission to Little Tokyo, disaster struck. Like the wind in a bush, the trees surrounding Wesson started to rustle eerily and shake heavily. Wesson pulled out his weapon and radioed to his “so-called allies” that he was being infiltrated and needed backup; however, there was no response.

Ahead in the distance, a dark, indistinguishable figure was moving towards Wesson from tree to tree, almost as fast as lightning. Through Wesson’s panic, he started firing randomly at the mysterious shadow in all directions. When Wesson ran out of ammo, he paused for a moment and listened for his unknown attacker. In the midst of the silence, the shrill sound of metal rubbing against metal, similar to the sound of a sharp blade swiftly being pulled out from its sheath, resonated from directly behind him. Before Wesson could even turn around, a blade as sharp as the tooth of time itself sliced through his leg as if it were a warm stick of butter. In a screech of agony, Wesson fell to the floor and shouted for help, but no one was around to hear him.

As he lay on the ground in anguish, his severed leg resting at eye’s level, Wesson gazed up. The mystifyingly green aura of his assailant’s blade looked unusually familiar, and then, it hit him. It was Odachi, one of the KLG’s most lethal and merciless killers. Before Wesson could even get a chance to ask him why, Odachi, with a powerful and mighty thrust, plunged the entirety of his blade deep into Wesson’s chest, all the way down to the handle.

“Under the order of the Kurtz’ Law Givers, Wesson, you are hereby sentenced to death by execution, scheduled to take place right here and right now. Do you have any last words?” exclaimed Odachi with a condescending smirk. Although Wesson was not verbally able to respond, he looked Odachi directly in his eyes with a scowl that pronounced his intention of vengeance. Odachi then kneeled next to Wesson, softly patted him on the shoulder as if he was saying his final goodbyes, grasped the handles of his blade, and turned it 180 degrees as the shattered bones in Wesson’s chest crunched like splintered wood, before he swiftly pulled it out and placed the bloody blade back into its sheath. Odachi quickly vanished back into the trees from which he appeared, leaving Wesson as a scavenger’s meal. Little did the KLG know, however, that their actions would prove to have catastrophic consequences.

Nearly half an hour after the incident, a passerby came across Wesson, who was miraculously still alive! Odachi had missed Wesson’s heart by mere centimeters, and he was able to roll over on his side, putting just enough pressure on his leg to keep it from bleeding out. The passerby brought Wesson to safety, and as time went on he devised a plan for revenge throughout the duration of his recovery.

Wesson later went on to start an empire, the United Armed Forces, whose sole objective was to overthrow and eradicate any and all members of the corrupt traitors that tried to take their commander’s life, the KLG. His charismatic brazenness allows him to seamlessly gather new recruits that felt contented and sheltered while being underneath his wings.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art biomechanical leg, Colonel Wesson is physically stronger than ever before. The morale he brings to his army makes them a terrible and powerful force to be reckoned with… “I have undertaken vengeance. I want Liberty and Equality to reign. I work to bring them into existence. Unite yourselves to us, armed brothers and sisters, and fight with me for the same cause! The KLG have taken everything from us. Now, let us take it back…” declares Colonel Wesson as the UAF prepare for war with the soft and sinisterly familiar sound of trees rustling in the distance…


Awsome story, loved reading it!!(odachi is black ops though not lawgiver :joy: :kissing_heart: )

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@Kraterios Ahhh, but he is though :wink:
He is still part of the KLG, just in a different sub-order.
The KLG Black Ops and KLG Irregulars are still KLG.

Similarly to how the UAF Airborne are still part of UAF, just a different sub-order of the UAF :slight_smile:

Wow this is incredible! Definitely going to print this out and put it on our Community Wall! :smiley:

We want to release more of the lore side with Heroes moving forward to give you guys a bit more story behind the Heroes you play and love! :slight_smile:


Literally the only thing I care about the new hero is that it’s not game-breakingly OP like the last couple :joy:

@Howitzer I love Creative Writing! If you want, I’ll pitch some stories for you guys :slight_smile:
Just gimme the assignment

Has there ever been any movement on adding more stories to these characters? I bring this up, because I want to try my best to write a Kurtz short-story and I want it to be as near-perfect as possible. Poob, do you still write?

Howitzer, did your team ever think about this further since last year?

Particularly, what’s the actual relation between Wesson and Kurtz? Were they war buddies? Something else? Did one of them steal the other’s wife? Lolol

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