New Theory on the Campaign

Okay. New theory since no one tells me that there is offical Wesson lore that proves my entire theory useless. This is an updated version. If enough people wish to keep the other one, I’ll see if I can attempt to unflag it.

This game is set in a post apocalyptic future. We can see this throughout the game the technology has hugely advanced, and destruction is littered throughout the entire game. First, we must understand events that may have conspired. Humanity has advanced further than it has before. New healing technology has been discover, weapon advancements have advanced thousands of years into the future in decades, and etc. Robots, androids, and mechs have also been discovered, built, and mass produced. A very well known example is a type of frontline mech known as Type-G (Also known as Galante) was mass produced for military purposes. These mechs were produced for the United Armed Forces. A global military force that exsisted to stop terrorists and keep the citizens of the world safe. Other paramilitary organizations exsisted as well under the watchful eye of the UAF. Captured terrorists would be sent to the infamous prison of Blackthorn, a even more terrifying prison than Alcatraz. Blackthorn was the unbreakable fortress in the world; it was rumored that prisoners were used for inhumane experiments, but it was never confirmed nor did it matter anymore. Two imporant friends had exsisted in the UAF for awhile. They had fought together in many battles, shared drinks together, and rose quickly through the ranks. General Kurtz and Colonel Wesson. One day, all that humanity had done would come crashing down upon them. Terrorist hijacked weapons of mass destruction from a UAF blacksite. When news of this spread, Kurtz, Wesson, and their commanding officer (The commander of the UAF at the time) went in to eliminate this threat. They and the UAFA went in. It was a victory however, there were many casualties including the death of their commanding officer. Kurtz and Wesson mourned the loss of their commander, but Kurtz began to change. He was made Commander of the UAF. His first act was to initiate retaliation against all those who had worked with those who killed their commander. He launched WMD’s at cities rumored to harbor such terrorists, and in response they launched WMD’s of their own. The world as everyone knew it finally came to an end. Feeling betrayed and in disbelief, Wesson confronted Kurtz to a duel. Kurtz, a more skilled fighter than Wesson, easily beat the in shock Wesson. Wesson lost his leg and was critically injured, but before Kurtz could kill him, military police surrounded Kurtz. Kurtz, outnumbered, made his escape through a hole in the wall made by the duel. Wesson reawoke weeks later with new cybernetics. He was promoted to the rank of Commander of the UAF. His first orders were to rescure survivors if any could be found. He also found that his old friend had started the Kurtz Lawgivers with other survivors and paramilitary forces. Kurtz had also put the blame of the catastraphe on the UAF and Wesson. The two, once friends, would be rivals for the rest of their fight. Wesson gathered survivors and began to rebuild the UAF. He found 4 recruits who he found had very unique skillsets and placed them in the UAFA train program. Their codenames were Steele, Hivemind, Halloway, and Panze; however, the KLG found them and sabotaged the program and convinced Steele to help them. Steele led the KLG to the program in exchange for vengence upon the man whom he believed killed his family, Wesson. The KLG and Steele were unsuccessful, and Steele lost his arms and legs. The three remaining vowed revenge for what had transpired. Years passed by, as the two largest military factions gathered their forces in preparation for a war. The day came. In the outskirts of what used to be the busiest city in the world, the battle commenced. Both sides took massive casualties, Kurtz however, planted a little surprise, an old UAF chemical warhead, which could be used as a bomb. Kurtz triggered the bomb killing all of his men and the UAF in the area. As usual, he blamed it on the UAF which convinced other factions like the Magistrates to join him. The Magistrates were a vigilante group that killed those acted against the innocent. They also had an old pre Day Zero warmech. The mech was named Galante and is the only Galante mech to still be in service. The People’s Guard and Morlocks also joined them. Others like the Rangers and Mercenaries joined because they were paid. The Watch is one exception where many members remain neutral except for two. Matador joined the KLG, while Artemis helps the UAF (Only once though). The Rangers were hired to protect the chem bomb that was supposedly the UAF’s fault. A couple weeks later, a UAF strike team was sent in, but the mission of bringing Kurtz to justice doesn’t go to plan and only two members survive. They make allies and continue on their way through enemy territory against onslaughts of enemy heroes, enemies, and enemy mechs.

For now this is it, I do plan to mention the KLG Irregulars, Shoremen, Wesson’s dialogue. I will also mention official lore in here as well. For now, I’m done here.