Combos that seem good but aren’t

There’s a lot of combos I tried out in this game but a lot of them don’t work as well as they seem. Here are a few examples:

  • Beck and Righter. Ones description says excellent against unarmored, the other says he shreds armor with ease. So together they seem perfect. Until you realize they’re both glass cannons that rely heavily on their gold and platinum to survive. It’s tough to think of good support for them, if we treat these two as the damage dealers and try something standard like butter moss nightingale, it’ll be mostly through butters sheer durability that allows him to pull through. Not to mention the “good against armor” and “shreds armor” combo with nightingales silver isn’t as good against shield as one would think. It’s a tough combo to pull off, if at all possible.
  1. Moss and Fischer. This seems like a good idea to kill top health tanks, with moss using bronze to increase fischer’s Bronze damage. But heal block and silence ruins the combo, and it’s tough to think of three good support with the twos synergy. If we throw in someone like Kunoichi with once again Butter and Nightingale, it could still be a risky venture with two Dps that murder themselves to destroy the enemy. And anyone else seems haphazardly added, even if for instance cinder can provide good pressure against the opponent.
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If by “combos” you mean Synergies or complimenting skills, then I wouldn’t consider Beck and Richter to be such a thing. Hero descriptions are not skill descriptions and hero descriptions say all sorts of things. Salvatore’s description says he “deals overwhelming damage in a wide area”…….no he doesn’t.

The best thing to do is strictly read the skill descriptions and experiment with skills that compliment another character’s skills…such as a character with a skill that roots an enemy being on the same team as Kunoichi who does extra damage to rooted / lifted / stunned enemies.

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Yeah, don’t think richter and Beck would do much

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I’ve tried moss and Fischer before. It worked, but not as well as I hoped. I think maybe I try again with more healers, and some shieldeds. Maybe mandrake, heimlock, kobold?