Let's talk about Fischer and how he can be useful

Fischer. An infamous biochem hero mocked by many players as a useless hero since April update.

He holds the title as “Master Infiltrator”, with a description: “An opportunistic attacker who dominates his foes with a deadly combination of damage and survivability”

When I got first him from pvp tournament rewards in April~May I was excited to see him dominate pvp with his biochem dps and skills judging by the preview animation of him.

after few pvp games, I was disappointed that he is really bad, even in pve games like bounty and campaign, he is still bad.

Here are some points that make Fischer overall bad:

  • Assault Rifle: 12 ammos per magazine like Odachi’s gun, but Fischer still has weaker damage output than Odachi when both are platinum. And his reload transition prevents him to do big dps.

  • Bronze skill: this skill becomes good when it meets it’s conditional situation, but this skill generates too slowly, and the 25% hp bonus damage is too small. (the helios omega damage bug is fixed)

  • Silver skill: an aoe skill that smart ais won’t bother stepping on. The damage per second is low, the speed decrease is not that useful, the trap disappears if the opponent goes 2 steps away.

  • gold skill: the skill that gives him survivability, but it’s not good because of meta every experienced players are using. 3 seconds is too short for his dps increase.

  • Platinum skill: another conditional passive skill which increases his dps only for 30 seconds if an enemy killed. The increased dps is still low and there is no way fischer can kill any hero with all the role warfare hp overhaul with his bad dps.

What I suggest:

  • Make him a viable substitute hero for Odachi. There are lack burst biochem dps as of now, it would be nice to make him good as Odachi. Grant his gun or bronze, or both a buff. It may give one step toward to role warfare goal where every existing heroesare useful.

“Master Infiltrator”…hmmmm…I have re-designated him as “Self-Propelled Sandbag”.


Unrelated but when you combo Fischer’s trap with showtime it’s a stun until showtime or longer. Can be used in some situations.