Razordome done

What a great event! Fun, experimental and sweaty battles. Four Prophets in a snakepit?!
A very generous way of rewarding lots of 5* fragments.

Anyway now I have completed all the missions. So now what? 6 days of refreshes that I can’t do anything with? Would be great if we could trade those unplayable missions for bucks or something. Canisters.

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Thought about that from the beginning. I hoped but didn’t expect to start it from the beginning. Now I just have the reminder that there are four raids left for a week.

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What team did you use ?

To three star it i mean

Probably Odachi, Heimlock, Mandrake, Dogface aaaand… Oracle? I think it was Oracle.
Odachi and Dogface are Platinum, the rest are gold. Dogface has 9 stars, Oracle only 6.