Consider: a Raid featuring Gorgon plus Helios plus MAU-08 plus Galante(s)

No other units as well. This stupid raid would consist of one Helios being flanked by two Gorgons and two MAU-0 (that Railgun Mech from the campaign) while being assisted by a fleet of Galante Heroes. The whole thing would be the epitome of artificial difficulty.


And when you destroy an enemy unit, your entire team takes explosive damage from hurling shrapnel equal to 50% of their total health.

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That would be the most chaotically amazing thing ever witnessed in HH. I want it.


I cannot live without this much longer.


The majority of them on the highest level would be at 8 Stars and Platinum +0 but then one of them is an ultra bullsh-t 10 Stars, Platinum +5 Level 100 Max Skills Galante that can survive better than the Gorgons…

… and also would be a Boss enemy with multiplied stats a la the Bounties.

A Helios’s max health is 3M
A MAU-08 is around 500K not counting core
A Plat - 5 10 Star Galante is around 1M times by 5 more Galantes
So total team health: 9M of total health

Robots hey well a bunch of hecklers just to stun lock you

They could actually construct a huge tank made of parts from 25 Hecklers.

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@Muninn please please please please please please please please please PLEASE consider this for at least one event. I’d be so happy.

wow you guys know how to make a coop raid interesting

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