You've got to be kidding me

I think i speak for many that the Helios raid is the hardest of all the coop raids. With that said, we need to go through with the raid if we have terrible luck with the crates. However, seriously devs. Are you seriously only giving us this number of frags per run? Hope this is only a bug.


Nothing new, addressed before no resolution, they won’t change it. Its always been that


Helios has always given the least frags, using the right team make helios the easiest and fastest raid rather than the hardest too

This still sucks though. 5 max frags, even with a trade, you still get 10 max. They practically force you to reset using gold


That’s why people use alts or carry smaller accounts in helios as it’s so difficult you will often find someone looking for help so you can get free raids that way.

Thats not the issue man, the problem is that at 5 max frag per run (10 if you trade), you have to shell out gold to reset if you want to get her (Marlowe) before the end of the raid. Really sucks. It should have been at least 7 max per run

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Yup, this has already been a post before so please don’t post this again

And remember guys, 2 raids for every hero and this has always been like this, 4-5 on Helios for a certain days, then a garuanteed 7 or something for the other half

@Gale which is the best team composition to finish helios fastest. Please reply

I use ronin,cindy and hive.

Well that says it. If any admin is reading this, feel free to close it.

Video how easy beat Helios raid.

If this need for few peoples I may create more videos with atleast two solid combos.

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dude i know how to beat helios. my issue is the number of frags you get

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Just create 15 level 45 sub accounts.


Not to mention that we get more 4 frags per raid than 5 :slight_smile:

But you said what this is hardest raid. I give info how easy beat this. So you got decent number of fragments if do right all things. Various raids have various amount of fragments in rewards. This is ok.

My issue is that you only get 4-5 frags per run. With a trade you get 8-10 per day. That means you wont get Marlowe before the raid ends unless you spend Au

I don’t see an issue posting it when it been awhile. Some people don’t know it’s been posted before. It’s crazy that the hardest coop has the least amount of frags


Umm… But every helios raid give the same amount of frags for every recent heroes… It already happened for previous heroes too…

You will get it during the month, marlowe will be featured in assault in the city hall