So hard to contact with HH support team

3 days ago, i got an issue about one order transaction, i paid it but did not receive it, i contact via in-game support channel but i did not received any feedback. So i sent an email direct to HH support email which i found by google search, and they replied that i must contact via in-game contact function, @_@

so wwhat i need to do? @_@!!!

You just answered your own question!

Response time is currently under 48 hours. If you sent a ticket to the right place, you got a reply in that time. If you were asked to contact directly, that’s because support needs access to your account to assist you. If you want help, follow their instructions in a calm, professional manner, without argument. They’re not trying to mess with you. They want to help you. Let them.


Hi, thanks but the problem is that when i sent request via in-game support function, i did not received anything that make sure the support team recevied my request.

So i am worry about that, i think at least the system should send to my email an auto-reply about they received my issue and the response time is 48h as you say

Yup, they clearly say it. Can take a long time to respond especially now they are very busy

Don’t bring up support issues on the forums, this isn’t the place as nobody can help you here. Only ever go through support :smiley:

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I’ve said it before, but if you didn’t receive a reply, it’s ONE of the following:

  1. You sent your message to the wrong place

  2. You got a reply, but didn’t like it, so “I didn’t get a reply at all”

  3. Your ticket was closed due to not responding to a reply you may not have seen for 3-7 days, depending

  4. You uninstalled the game, which wipes your local ticket history, so you wouldn’t see a pending reply

  5. You’ve been banned from support for prior abuse

All you can do is send a ticket through direct contact in-game, and wait patiently. The auto-responder is… well, automatic. It hasn’t failed in the time we’ve had it, ever. Not once. Your situation falls under one of the above possibilities.