CygnusX1 recruiting....sort of

Tired of war and bounty for good, or just need a break from typical alliance life, either way don’t go solo. Come together with others still looking to build their heroes while still getting some benefits from patrol crates. No push or pressure for new heroes, work on what you have to your heart’s content. CYGX1. Arc Druid. P.S. for those over level 94 and ruby capable, having cleared some extreme areas because you’ll need to farm your gear. Otherwise you won’t get far here.


Very nice. Just joined.

Excellent! I figured it was more than just me out there. If you prefer to be a solo player, might as well be solo as a team and get some basically free alliance benefits

We now have three players, alone together. Always wondered what you could do with your heroes if you weren’t putting so many resources into the newest hero and paying your alliance dues every bounty and every war. Take a break and work on what you have. Shock the opposition with your ruby Vanguard. They won’t know what hit them