Go back to the old daily rewards with better bonuses for VIP level

I miss the previous daily rewards calendar, the rewards were better and the bonuses for VIP level mad it more worthwhile having a higher VIP level.

any one knows why it changed?

What was better with the old one? You now get more frags and gold.

You get more frags in the current mode but less gold and less bucks (if you met the VIP requirement).

But I think the topic owner is also referring to the disparity (or lack there of) between free2play, low VIP, medium VIP and high VIP players.

High VIP players getting the oh-so-rare and most sought after bonus XP reward. And that what your $2k+ gets you.


Personally more frags gives Kunoichi and Sentry a huge boost or advantage in the game. Recently there was no more players (From my gameplay) that uses Kunoichi or Sentry anymore.

I didn’t follow how it pays out for VIP since it is nothing I get an advantage of. For me the 300 gold and 60+ frags a month are much better than before.
But the calenders differ anyway as far as I know. This 10 days I get 20 Kuniochi and Sentry frags plus Irfit, so 60 frags for him too. I guess I pulled a lucky card this time.

nope…no difference from anyone else.

Featured heroes have been Panzer, Flatline, and now Ifrit.

Yeah that’s my reference Im at vip14

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