Deca games, please add factional gods elemental gods and positional leaders on the next update please

Deca games, please add factional gods elemental gods and positional leaders on the next update please…

factional gods:

  1. Kar’un - god of the KLG lawgivers

2. Moira - goodness of the KLG black ops

3. Myrna - goodness of the KLG irregulars

4. Daniella - goodness of the magistrates faction

5. Forger - god of the mercenary faction

6. Borus - god of the Morlocks faction

7. Leonid - goodness of the Patriots faction

8. Lorraine - goodness of the people’s guard faction

9. Lexie - goddess of the rangers faction

10. Maey - goddess of the shoremen faction

11. Barrage - god of the terraventa faction

12. Thea - goodness of the watch faction

13. Leilani - goodness of the UAF faction

14. Kara - goodness of the UAF airborne faction

Elemental gods:

Roxie - goodness of mech element

Torro - god of energy element

Lumok - god of biochem element

Murdock - god of astral element

Lady Doris - goodness of the void element

Positional leaders:


Terry - leader of the Frontline heroes


Johann - leader of the midline heroes

Marcia - leader of the rearline heroes


The leader crate: contains 14 factional gods, 5 elemental gods, and 3 positional leaders.

4% chance having a 1 factional god
1.91% chance having a 1 elemental god
0.22% chance having a 1 positional leader

So that’s it… Bye…:wave::slightly_smiling_face:

lots of these wouldnt fit the shooter aspect of the game. And since Forged Fantasy remained with the original owners, I dont think any more heroes will be crossing over.

updates are also done months in advanced and on a schedule. this being out of both wouldnt work.

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Exactly, but his isn’t a fictional fanastay like ff is, but more of a technological fantasy game, with modern combat aspects and such.
Only thing that would make sense is the leaders we already have. Like Kurtz, Prophet, Wesson, and more.

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