I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and it feels like groundhog day at the moment. From time to time I throw money into the game in order to support the developers with a penny. And I would like to know if there will be something new in the game?
My ideas if they are interesting, and if the developers really listen to the players.

How about increasing the number of players in the union?
How about adding a boss enemy for an alliance?
Adding weekly and monthly tasks.
And also so that the head of the clan or deputy can reward 2-3 of the most active players in the union.
Increase max level.
Fix the balance of the war, for example, my alliance is in the top 50, and it’s always the top 3 against us.

Thank you for your attention. Sorry, I don’t speak English well. I am using a translator, I hope you understand. I would like to wish the developers strength and patience.


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