The Game is not getting better

The expectations of the users of this game began to bother me.

  1. Gold for the money to 25,
  2. The gold given at the end of the task to fall to 30,
  3. 40 gold for energy filling to 60,
  4. Continuous technical errors,
  5. 15 days of returning from the clan war tastes untouched without action,
  6. Something useless to come out of something nonsense etc…

There had been a long discussion on this [here].
(Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon)

If you wish to join and pitch what you wish to say, join the discussion :slightly_smiling_face:

While you are at it don’t forget to read this. It’s Huginn’s response in another discussion thread. It answers most pressing issues in game for almost everyone.

Happy reading :grin:


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