Dias - Update 7.3

New hero: Dias

:sparkles: Skins:

Common: Arctic
Rare: Tactical

Abyssal Knight (1) NEW Legendary Unique Skin for Keir: Abyssal Knight! Abyssal Knight (1)

Some of you may have been expecting a Mythic, some might have been expecting no Mythic but actually…it was a Legendary all along!

What’s New?

Introducing the “UNIQUE” Subclass of Legendary Skins: We’re thrilled to unveil a brand-new subclass of Legendary Skins, aptly named “UNIQUE.”

These skins come with an exciting twist – they feature a total of 9 SKIN LEVELS! When maxed out, UNIQUE skins will outshine even the strongest Mythic skins in terms of power and stats boost, but there’s a catch – they are rare and will only appear periodically.

Empower Your Heroes: Just like their predecessors, these Legendary Skins not only boost stats significantly but also introduce a revamped and enhanced ability.

For Keir’s Legendary skin, it will change his Silver Ability: Maelstrom Guard into a new ability called “Maelstrom Sanctuary”. This revamped ability offers a substantial upgrade, providing protection to the entire team and granting them CC immunity. Dive into the game to explore the intricate details of this Legendary Skin, from enhanced stats to revamped abilities.

But that’s not all, Keir’s Transformation continues beyond his skin! Keir as a base hero is undergoing a substantial makeover in terms of stats, power, and gameplay adjustments. The upcoming patch will include a redesign of his base Bronze Ability: Ghastly Liberation In addition to this, Keir will receive significant buffs, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. For a comprehensive breakdown of these improvements, head over to the “Buffs” section below.

How to obtain?

The skin will be obtainable through the “Tactical” Co-Op Raid and crate, as well as through direct purchase in the store. Note that the chance for the skin to drop in the crate and the price in the store will be different from those for Mythic skins.

:sparkles: Featured Factions:

Kurtz’ Lawgivers

Ruby “Tanked Up” and “Protector” Ruby Abilities Rework ruby

Once again, I’m very pleased to “pass the mic” to our amazing designer, Sami, to tell you more about these changes:

Greetings, fellow Hunters!

I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you regarding a balance overhaul we’ve been diligently working on.

We were delighted by the positive reception of the recent rebalancing and redesign of the Support Ruby. Your feedback has been invaluable, and it became clear that many of you were eager to see similar improvements applied to the “Tanked Up” Ruby ability.

Taking your feedback and suggestions into account we have now reworked the “Tanked Up” Ruby ability for all Tanks that utilize it. Here are the key changes:

Damage Reduction: The “Tanked Up” Ruby ability will now provide all tanks with a flat 10% reduction in damage from any source. This reduction will stack with other similar effects that some tanks may possess.
Additional Health: In a significant change, all heroes equipped with the “Tanked Up” ability will now start the match with additional health. This bonus will range from 20% to 40%, depending on the level of the ability and will be calculated based on the hero’s base health. These bonuses are stackable with any other additional Health bonuses that some tanks may possess.

We want to emphasize that there will be no changes to the Armor bonuses or Additional Cover Damage provided by the ability.

In addition to these enhancements, to maintain balance, we have also boosted the recently introduced “Protector” Ruby. The initial shield provided to the hero by the “Protector” Ruby will now be increased by 100%.

We’re incredibly excited for you to experience these changes and look forward to your valuable feedback as we continue to finetune and improve the game.

Thank you for your unwavering support on this epic journey!

Best regards,
Sami, Game Designer

:sparkles: More changes to Rare Skins

All Rare skins of Heroes who didn’t have a Rare+ skin separately have now been readjusted into Rare+ skins.

The rare skin for Kurtz has also been rebalanced on top of becoming a rare+ in order to fit the character.

Additionally, now even more rare skins will be unlockable for Gold from the Skin menu in-game!

:sparkles: Events:

  • Blitz events
  • Bounties
  • PvP Tournaments
  • New PVP Season
  • Co-op Raids
  • Alliance Wars
  • Ethereal Raid
  • Extreme Raid

:sparkles: Additional events

“One Shot One Kill” PVP Event

The name speaks for itself, doesn’t it? :wink:

A lot of you remember the “Realism” PVP event that has happened a few years ago and have expressed that you’d like to experience it again. Our game team has of course put their own twist on it but the premise remains the same - instant kills!

Top 1 and top 10 in each bracket will get an awesome portrait!

PVPportrait (1)

“Legend of The Sea”

This update will include an additional Co-Op Raid event through which you can obtain the Mythic skin for Magnus!

Additional Bounty Event and Bounty Blitz!

To partly compensate for the connectivity issues during the last day of the previous Bounty Event, we will be launching a full-length Bounty event this weekend, from Sep 22 until Sep 25. The Blitz event will contain the same rewards as last week’s.

:sparkles: Hero changes:

Buffed Heroes: Mandrake, Min and Keir :point_right: Hero Buffs - 7.3 - Patch Notes - Official Hero Hunters Community

:sparkles: Misc and Fixes:

  • The Hero Matador has now been removed from the Hero Crate and Feature Crates;

Deca just casually drops one greater update after another! This is triple AAAmazing!

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Awesome update. Keep it up. :+1::+1::+1::+1:
Thanks a lot in advance for magnus mythic skins.
God bless you deca :statue_of_liberty::statue_of_liberty::statue_of_liberty::statue_of_liberty:

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Appreciate it. Really awesome update.

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Awesommmmmmmeeeee I m liking again
Nice update

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Awesome update, thank you! Question for you @Deca_Willow

Are there plans to add newer heroes to the Guilded Crate? It hasn’t been updated with new heroes in ages even though we still receive Gilded Coins as rewards (definitely not complaining!). The following are missing from the crate:

Alcatraz, Ballista, Barrel, Barricade, Beck, Bypass, Cast, Castellan, Commander, Cross, Cyber, Cyphon, Dias (obviously too new), Disarray, Dogface, Dreadnought, Duran, Elixir, Enigma, Eruin, Everest, Fiber, Françoise, Ghoul, Gunsmoke, Harbinger, Hardscope, Hikari, Homerun, Icebox, Illuminar, Irezumi, Keel, Keir, Krieger, Kunoichi, Luciana, Lwa, Magnus, Marcus, Marianas, Marlowe, Matador, Maven, MK.2, Nightingale, Nyx, Obrez, Phantasma, Pris, Quasary, Ravager, Revenant, Ryker, Sand Ruby, Sentry, Serial, Sheshen, Silhouette, Slurp, Snaps, Spewage, Stratus, Stygia, Torque, Ursus, Valkyrie, Verill, Voltage, and Warden.

I realize that some of these are only available through the Forged Fantasy Crate, but I listed all missing heroes based on my geek spreadsheet. Also, some of these are heroes have been around for a long time as well, like Keel.



Hey Mega, thank you for the question!

I am not aware of such plans for the time being, but that’s a good point and I will be sharing it with the team for further consideration.

In my opinion, probably not all from the list can be added.

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Understandable. Just wanted to give you an idea of how stale it is. Thank you for the reply and for sharing it with the team!

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Everest deserve the ‘Unique’ Skin treatment next.

Gonna loke like mount everest