You wanna revive this hero? Maybe, who is he?

Got a few ones to revive actually.
Let’s revive the bottom right one.Screenshot_20180720-233925-picsay

Or wait, I don’t know who that is! Might be Ryker? He’s the wrong color. Better click him to find out who he is.

Oh, he’s “your hero”?! Better not revive him. Or her.

Could you improve this UI?


(yes i know it’s Butter but this is making an example - the UI here is really unclear in several ways)

It does say ‘recharge butter bounty stamina’


lmao It does haha… but in truth i ran into this problem before trying to revive somebody thinking its somebody else.

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Yeah me too. I never noticed it for a while.

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You’re right! Haha. That’s bad of me. They could just add his portrait and / or also show his name before actually clicking him. But this helps, thanks!

You can still see who it is before reviving too, its not like the entire portrait is covered by the cool down timer. Once you know what each hero looks like it becomes easier to distinguish them apart. Also, i think the UI once you click on the hero is very clean. The biggest font text clearly states the heroes name and what you are buying. It also comes with an extra warning saying are you sure you want to revive and then lists how many revives you have.
It’s clean and simple and if you have used the hero at least once before, you should have the knowledge to know what element they are, no need to list extra stuff for it.

Without clicking this one, I have no idea who it is. :slight_smile:Screenshot_20180721-131908

Hivemind easy :smiley: If you cant tell, their spots wont change on your section screen unless you are upgrading them during the tournament, and again if you cant tell who it is by the picture, it clearly states who the hero is once you click on them.

Yes, I was told yesterday that I completely missed the name in the headline once you click the grayed out / covered avatar. Apparently I’m not the only one who missed this and still think the entire UI here could improve with very easy measures.


While I personally didn’t have any trouble at all with this, I think adding the hero’s portrait to the confirmation screen for clarity purposes should be easy to do, and would definitively prevent any possible mistakes

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