District 2 extreme teams

I would like to know the teams people are using that completed district 2 extreme.

[CLTCH] II BloodFest II

  1. Did you just sign your own post?
  2. Have you asked Marine or ask around vip if anyone completed district 2

Marine is to powerful. No one in vip has yet that I seen.

Look like District 2 needed ruby heroes or level around 100. I stuck in third wave of 2.3. This is nighmare.

What you use for 2-1 and 2-2? @DRey

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Doesn’t seem to work for me. All good though I’ll just get some more of my hero’s plat 5 first.

I’d say don’t waste stamina until you’re level 100. Is same thing. Not much needed anyway to finish that.

This is challenge. Challenge is always make things interesting.