Do status effects work on large enemies?

Like the giant planes or Gorgon? Poison works for sure. What about stun and silencing?

I also noticed for throwable skills like Maven’s fire that gets thrown and hits the plane but the plane moves after, the fire still gets stuck in the air, does it continue to do damage and just a visual glitch or not at all?

It may not look like it, but most, if not all, status effects still apply to Gorgon, Helios, etc.

With Maven’s “Vampiric Cloud” (the fire you’re talking about), even though this is clearly unrealistic, if it’s targeted up in the air (like when you target a Helios plane), it’ll still land at that precise spot in the air and a fire will hang out there for a bit. If something is in the fire, it’ll take damage. Even if the fire is in mid-air.

I think the debuffs do apply their affects, it’s just barely noticeable. You can see this clearly with the Gorgon: if you can Silence its right arm, it won’t fire rockets the moment the left side team gets into their spots.

Helios, I don’t know. Maybe it has major debuff resistance because I see it gets Silenced for like a second before it drives 8000000000 minigun shells up Flatline.


Stuns don’t affect the Gorgons/Helios, and Disorients don’t affect them because they usually use abilities instead of weapon attacks.

Even when the effects don’t work, they still receive the little blue boxes so if you have stuff like Mauler’s Plat it will still do the Dot.

However, you can Silence them which will stop them from using abilities for a bit. Like Lurking mentioned you can get the rocket arms to stop shooting.

For the stuff like armor debuffs or damage recieved increases it does work you can see the damage go up as you stack more debuffs.

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This is good to know that silencing work. Then I should try take off Steele’s lendgendary skin so that he can silencing all things but not stunning and silencing one target.

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