Explanation of status effects?

Rooted, lifted, silenced, shielded, etc…is there a place to get an explanation of these effects? Most seem self-explanatory, but others I’m not so sure on.

Here’s my guesses:

  • Rooted: stuck in-place, but can still shoot??
  • Lifted: stuck in-place, except floating in the air, can’t move or shoot??
  • Silenced: can’t use abilities / powers (passive still works??)
  • Shielded: armor that must be depleted before damage is taken
  • Marked: all attacks directed to a single target
  • Any other effects…?

I believe disoriented is slower reload and move speed, stagger is like knockback but takes longer to recover from…i know there’s more just cant think of them off the yop of my head

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There’s a crazy google doc that “noregretlife” over on the discord created:


The first tab has a breakdown of all the known status effects.


is there any mistyping because I found Beck had an insane stat (damage) for a 2 star hero?