Status Effects

Does anyone know a link to a description/explanation for Status Effocts? Ie.; rooted, stun, etc

They aren’t that hard to understand, but there is a photo of the status effects descriptions. The effects should be able to explain themselves

Rooted: Character cannot move from position for duration of effect, can still take cover, shoot and use skills. Sometimes being rooted prevents you from being staggered.
Stunned: Character cannot do anything for duration of stun, such as shoot or move.
Silenced: Character cannot use skills for duration of effect and skills do not recharge.
Disoriented: Character accuracy is decreased drastically for duration of effect and has a chance to miss with main weapon. Can still use skills.
Heal Block: Character healing is reduced (not negated) by 70-90% for duration of effect. Healing from allies or themselves are reduced.
Lifted: Character is lifted in the air, and cannot so anything for duration of effect, similar to stun except lifted characters are more vulnerable as they’re more exposed.
Taunt: Activated by the character themselves, for duration of effect enemies are more likely to attack the character or all enemies attack the character that is taunting so allies don’t get attacked. Taunting characters can’t go invisible.
Marked: Similar to Taunt, except it is placed on an enemy to focus allied fire on them or to prevent invisibility.
Invisibility: Character becomes transparent and invisible, only a faint outline shows. Character effects (eg from weapon or skills) still show up and bullets will still appear.

Hope that’s all of them :slight_smile:
If you’re still looking for a link there is a fanmade wiki fandom, search hero hunters wiki and look for the one that has the most content.


Oh my! Thanks for sharing this!!