Does Anyone have a good pvp team

Send me a photo of a good pvp team that i can use ( Ranked 2nd in brawl rn)

I use whatever team I have that has the most (and most consistent) survival related abilities. For example, it might be common, but I just got ifrit and he is amazing in pvp.

Well… the most common and maybe one of the most hated lineup is… Ronin abuser lineup😅
Ronin + 4supports. And make sure you read Ronin’s skill honourbound…
This lineup is not unbeatable, but still annoying…
Ronin abuser lineup is a common secret

Well well well… are we gonna talk about Ronin again ?:roll_eyes:
Whyyy Ronin…? Whyyyyy…?

A wins, a win. Whenever you get strong enough you replace why ronin why with why kurtz why

Your answers are the team compositions on the leader boards. Whatever they use, I pretty much assume that’s the meta for that event.

Either way, I don’t PvP so my argument has been made invalid.

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