Does Obrez's mines work?

I’ve noticed when Obrez’s mines are on the ground enemies run past them or on top of them without triggering the mine. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Yes. She also shoots them somewhere in the next wave or into nirvana. Or she perfectly aims them on an opponent and they just don’t work.
If you use her bronze skill while reloading it’s gone after reload finished. Dunno if that’s all intended or bugged but you have to deal with it at the moment.

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You either hit them directly, or you miss and they’re on some other position, sometimes the walking line between frontlines and midlines can be confusing

No it all works, the problem with mines is that like the Chesterfield trap you have to have perfect accuracy or go on auto selecting the target, they explode on contact.
Then it will be a visual bug, but the flashing light remains active and maybe you feel that they do not work in general.

For the boosted shots it is wanted that way, when the skill is activated it does not reload the weapon automatically, that is why the Devs said to be careful when using it.

Thanks for the feedback guys