Drafting, a buzz kill or useful?

Drafting is here and it isnt gonna stay for long, with my experience with it already had two buggy bugs. But I do like the concept of it, honestly its really the same concept, you can always draft your PvP team you always use so why bother? I feel like to make it seem like drafting is like the NFL, You get 10 seconds to draft a hero and its on your team, it can be a 3 round series or best out of three, drafting your first team, second, and third, each team is 5 so quick math; a total amount of three heros would be used, this is just my suggestion but id love to here how drafting is going for everyone else. Cheers and see everyone around!

Drafting is buzzkill. Not gonna make a difference as Long as we are running a meta team. There are only that many metas around. Some better than others

At the same time it gets repetitive having to constantly the same heros as it was a normal PvP match

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At first, with the mention of the NFL draft, I thought you were making the case for drafting to be mutually exclusive… And although it doesn’t actually solve the main problems w PvP, it is an interesting idea because instead of it being two nearly-identical teams facing off, there is at least some variety. The issue, however, is that whichever player that wins the coinflip to go first has a definite advantage.

PS, sidenote about turn-based drafting, to minimize the first-born advantage, instead of turns being A then B then A then B then A then B etc etc (ABAB), drafting should follow a pattern of ABBA instead (this is common for soccer/football and was part of the recent WC)

Yeah I was excited because I thought you got to ban characters. But nooooooooooo. PVP still sucks guys. It’s four healers and a Dogface and it’s hell.

Dogface is not the greatest threat. You really needs to learn how to discern targets for best effect.

i got bored with my healblock team, too many wins and makes 4 healers sad. the draft’s unli lives let you experiment and step out of the meta. although I just can’t get nightingale out of the equation. her fast heal and mark is just staple.