PVP DRAFT vs REGULAR PVP - which do you like better, and why?

I just wanted to find out from the forum community in general.

In its current version, which do you like better? PVP Draft or Regular PVP?

For me, despite the flaws of regular PVP… I prefer it over PVP Draft.


1. I can play my own heroes.

2. There is more variety because people can also play their own heroes! Every game is different. PVP Draft on the other hand… well I think all of us have covered it extensively but it is a big negative point that we only see a limited selection of meta heroes.

3. I get better rewards from regular PVP.

4. It seems like more people play regular PVP than PVP Draft.

5. PVP Draft games take longer since everyone plays similar teams and it devolves into a 3 min slugfest. Which can be fun, except that if it happens all the time then it’s not fun.

6. Min-max in regular PVP seems slightly less of an issue now - for me at least (maybe it is because I don’t play near 40k anymore). But I dunno.

7. If I lose a game in regular PVP I don’t drop… 50 to 100 places (because the point spread is too thin in PVP Draft).

8. Regular PVP is more casual and less intense, it is easier to play 5 games here and there, whereas PVP Draft can be pretty intense if you are fighting for top points and don’t want to lose points carelessly. There is basically more leeway in regular PVP, whereas in PVP Draft your execution has to be spot on, game after game, if you want to place well.

Anyone with a similar experience?


Pvp draft because no one is minmaxing, so players must rely on their skills.

I had fun during draft, got to use even my lowest ranked heroes and was matched against more different teams than usual.
The rewards were kinda unsatisfying but I also recognise this round (and the coming ones) of draft PVP was / gonna be tests with reduced rewards.

i like draft a bit,
but if they can make us/players could not pick same heroes after the same pick 3 match in a row
i like it even more
so forcing players to pick others heroes if you already pick specific heroes 3 times straight

I like regular pvp more still. Pvp draft takes too long and doesnt provide a different enough experience to justify the wait time imo.

I really want a true draft; i am randomly given choices of guys to use and have to pick from them to make a team of 5. This makes more sense to me, would only take time for the drafting part (which you do on your own time; not while waiting for the other player), can ban certain heroes, and will let us see heroes we never otherwise see. Just seems like a way better approach with a different play flavor.

Agreed, draft was the first time ever I felt we were all on level turf, also went from averaging in the 5000-7500 rank to 133… It seemed more skill based than just minmax zone

PVP draft is great if you manual and want to shoot. Let’s you experiment and all. The selection process just need to be sped up. It doesn’t need to be 1 by 1. A 3 by 2 would work as well if hero selection is not exclusive. The hero ban have been mentioned and would be great. Track the top 10 hero winners and random ban 3 of them. I think the only advantage other Pvp modes have is reward per game. There should be a reward per game so players are encouraged to play past Div 1.

EDIT: I just read that 3x2 and 2x2x1 selections are coming in the next brawls.

PvP Draft, no question about it.

It brings actual strategy and tactics into PvPing. Yes the pre-match phase takes longer (and needs some tweaking) but you need to remember, Drafting your team vs your opponent’s team is a PART of the actual match/PvP experience… not a “gateway to the actual PvP” (since if you’re doing it right, you’re trying to outsmart your opponent and get the better draft).

  • Does draft need some more work (like exclusive draft or banning that others have talked about elsewhere)? yes

  • Would it be nice if Draft had “per match” or “daily” rewards? yes

  • Did I see a change in meta or some new heroes? definitely (not always, but I’ve seen some new comps… and I even managed to get some good FRANCOISE comps going to some decent success rates… about 2/3s win rates)

  • Did I use the “stale meta” heroes? Not really, I Don’t think I used Panzer, Nightingale or Dogface even once… and I was able to change up my DPS and niche support heroes quite frequently to address the high threats on the enemy team (my Min absolutely neutered every Dogface I threw her up against… and over 1/2 the Panzers she met too)

  • Am I happy to be playing the Gammond + Min regular PvP tournament that’s on right now? hell no… I want me some more Draft mode…


PVP draft is good, the downside is just the rewards…

What if we use this PVP draft system but with better reward than regular PVP, and delete the “position-race”…

What would be interesting is if they could do tournaments with the PvP draft structure, but still take the power of your heroes as your score.
The PvP draft we just did not have the normal structure as other tournaments. You already had a set amount of points that changed when you won or lost, not just starting at 0 and gaining points when you won. The problem with this is many players have heroes well beyond the rank we were playing at and if we changed to a set rank there’s really no incentive other then bounty events to rank heroes up.

For example, If you played a team of Dogface, Gammond, Panzer, Mandrake, Flatline all at gold rank even though the actual versions you own of those heroes are platinum, the points you would gain would be equivalent to the total power of those same 5 heroes that you own.
This would still encourage players to promote heroes to a higher power, but still play PvP at an even playing field.