Dreadnought's Bombardment

Does Dreadnought’s Bronze skill work on lifted targets? As it doesn’t seem the case for me. It could be intentional, bug or I am not getting it right? I have noticed it in Bounty.

Good question, i have not yet experienced it myself but would like to know what is the case

I have experienced it with Surge and Marianas. You could give it a go and see.

I will try ASAP(20 character stuff)

I think someone said it’s a problem similar to Kunoich, like how her knives for some reason can’t hit lifted targets. It might be a bug, it might be intentional.


Both Kuno’s and bombardment shouldn’t be intentional.

Yeah, it was me. He doesn’t effect lifted opponents with his bronze, similar to how Kuno doesn’t hurt lifted targets with hers. Something is wrong here.

I personally would like some more details as to how many projectiles are shot, and how much damage they each do. I know there is some lingering area damage where they hit, but the info is not super specific.

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I have reported this issue to support so they have a log on it with details, thanks all. You can report Kunoichi’s similar issue separately, I haven’t checked her.

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