Krieger not affected by stun?

I noticed recently when I PVP against Krieger, he will not get stunned by Kunoichi Bronze or Pris bronze skill.
He had no supporting Heroes to remove negative effects , there was a mid second stun animation and then he kept on his marathon run. Kuno clearly landed the Bronze hit and Pris did not get interrupted while doing her bronze. Not sure if this is a bug?

Kunoichi’s bronze is also not working on many heroes… E. G., Vanguard

I reported this issue in discord… Don’t know how much it’ll take to fix this

The forum rules have instructions on how to report potential bugs!

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Stun doesn’t work through shields. This has been established.

Not sure if that was directed to my scenario but Krieger was not shielded as well.

I was referring to the person saying that the bronze didn’t work on vanguard. He’s shielded 80% of the match.

Kunochi her stun doesn’t work on heroes where the third knive hits on a shield

Oh,tnx…well,i didn’t know that her bronze doesn’t work on shielded heroes…but,yeah…i said Many heroes too!

Edit:Let me clarify this more…people broke the pvps with weather girls…I tried to join their club for a while(but, failed drastically as we all know how a trash player play)… Used kuno in that storm troop… Throws 3 kanais on lifted enemy (done by mari,enemy touched the group within 3 seconds but, then, he started rolling) & didn’t get stunned.
Try this by urself let’s see this is working or not

I’m not sure, but it could be because it just doesn’t register it as a stun because it doesn’t think the target is rooted

The game has massive issues with skills that lift enemies in the air, same goes for Bucket and Jarek, possibly Surge too. Any moves that should stun hitting while the target is lifted don’t apply stun, as soon as the lift up expires, they are free to move again. Some skills that should do damage don’t register AT ALL on lifted targets… Had that multiple times with Rikers grenade for example.


yea… i was using kunoichi with surge… when surge lifted then, i used kunais on that bounty… it didn’t get stunned

Happens with Dread too. Can’t do artillery attack to lifted enemies.

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