Krieger Bronze

Has anyone else noticed that his fire rate is slower when activating thrusters although it states he gets a 25 percent ROF boost?


Actually, this is not a known bug. @Kshsjsis can you please send a report to the support team with a timestamp (date, time and timezone) of when this happened? Thank you!


@Skathi I’m so sorry but I’m a bit new to the forums so could I please have directions as to where I can contact support?

there is also a bug or problem with dreadnought’s bronze skill

Inspect ur account… U’ll see a support section at the bottom where option is written

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Ah I see… Thank you

You can find instructions on how to contact Support in our Rules and Guidelines:

I’ve sent a report through now and hopefully it will be fixed soon!

What’s that one? Make sure to send a report in for it too.


The bug is not really a bug as it is the same as with Kuno, his bronze doesn’t hit enemies nor does Kunos knives

Sorry, i will take note to not claim such stuff, you won’t see it another time

Dreadnought’s Bombardment is essentially an “airstrike” and that’s why it doesn’t hit lifted enemies. I received that from Support but they said that they would still pass my initial thoughts of it being a bug to developers, which I assume is not after that explanation.

Same goes with that Starfall ability, it probably follows the same logic… Kuno’s knives are on the other end but I can see it acting the same for consistency on lifted targets.

This topic, however, discusses his bronze ability Thrust Vector… which should increase his rate of fire but it seems that some are noticing his fire rate actually reducing.

Kriegers Fire Rate will be fixed!


Sure… I reported in discord

I don’t know what you guys did but I got a message from support saying to make a video of the bug but when I went to make it the bug was fixed?

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Devs gave u surprised… They fixed that issue within 24 hours… Its their own style :sunglasses:

The dev response in this thread is amazing. Bravo!

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