Sentry in gauntlet and bounty

When sentry targets a enemy with his bronze skill it’s locked on to that enemy for a long time, even when that enemy is killed.

It can be anoying in gauntlets and bounties, he’s wasting time and damage, I’m not saying he should instantly target another enemy and shoot, but maybe restart the skill on a new enemy to not waste the skill he has?

Any opinions?

This is not just Sentry. This happens with all skills but Callidus’ bronze (somehow, her syphon targets the closest enemy to your crosshair at the end of the charge, even if the initial target is still alive)

Yeah, happens with multiple heroes’ abilities that target a single enemy.
I agree with you, I believe if the targeted enemy dies in the process of executing a hero’s ability, the ability should be cancelled so that it may be used on a different enemy rather than lost.

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