Why I’m Leaving

I am so tired of this game constantly being reworked and everything we have built being destroyed. The overhaul of characters made PVP terrible. Now we are seeing a rework of drop rates. Seriously, the energy needed to find one Silver Throwing Knife shocked me. I spent almost 100 energy the last three times I needed to find a Silver Throwing Knife. That is ridiculous for a level 75, VIP level 9 player to grind one item. I know the tot mount of items rebuild was lowered, but wow that drop rate just made it worse. I’ve spent the last year playing this game and I am very seriously considering walking away. The Devs have ruined my fun with their changes and I’m not going to keep grinding the new character as soon as they are released just to even have a chance of being competitive.

Lastly, support is a joke. I have made plenty of support claims and not one of them was actually ever addressed or corrected. It’s going to be interesting as more US States start seeing these loot crates as gambling and mandate changes. Don’t think it’s not coming…


Agree, the drop rate is disgusting.

The drop rate was pretty bad before, but now it’s terrible. On the plus side it doesn’t seem like they changed the cost of buying items from stores, so that is at least more appealing now.

Buy knives and throwing stars from the stores when available. A batch of 5 will get you through a stage of promotion now. And remember that Bounty milestone rewards are getting an overhaul this update - maybe something worth checking out before you definitely decide to leave? But of course if you want to leave because the game doesn’t tickle you in that enjoyable way any more then it’s probably a good decision.

Bye bye, have lots of fun.

While drop rates do suck now, I’m finding the upgrade is process faster. I have gotten almost all my feature heroes to plat when only 1 was platinum before hand. I’d say thats pretty appealing. Sure some of that is the store or gauntlet purchases to speed it up, but that just means stamina can be spent on other things. Ultimately i think it makes stamina feel a lot less heavy as a resource and distributes that load equally between gauntlet, ally store, and black market. I know this all may change in the future, but for now I see it as a good thing and likely a a way for newer players to catch up to long standing.

i also thought to leave but the update changed my mind

I always got the impression you were deeply in love with the game.

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