Items win rate

What will happen if the developers makes items win rate a 100% or 75% or atleast 65%
We r restricted with how much stamina we got
I spent over 450 stamina to get only 3 plat shoulder pats

Rise the percentage a little pit its below 25%
Be mercifull guys


We DEMAND better drop rates.


well, what would be the point of grinding and playing in the long run when you get things easy. sure its a pain to run the mission and spend 100+ energy to get only 4 of the items i needed out of 20 but its whatever. more grinding for me later.

Don’t looking to get things easy, just a bit easier. Some weeks ago I spent 270 energy I think, for onr silly throwing knife.

Yeh, we don’t need to have a 100% drop rate.

But doing a mission 20 times to get 1 frag is kinda frustrating, even more when you need 40 of those, not just 1.

oh man, these 40 plat frags and horror of drop rate just brings the hurt.

Yup those drop rate are horrible as hell
Atleast increase the drops or decrease the requierd amounts of frage to upgrade

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