Hero Buffs - 6.2




:arrow_right: Power changed from 34,402 to 36,675
:arrow_right: Damage changed from 36,052 to 36,599
:arrow_right: Elemental Damage changed from 32,483 to 33,304
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 6,571 to 8,349
:arrow_right: Elemental armor changed from 6,073 to 8,397
:arrow_right: Critical change decreased from 3% to 2%


:large_blue_diamond: Damage Per Second: from 68,535 to 69,903
:large_blue_diamond: Damage Per Shot: from 12,260 to 12,504


BRONZE ABILITY: Emperor’s Chosen

:black_small_square: Summons a Terracotta Warrior that will automatically attack enemies.

Each of these Terracotta Warriors has 499,120 Health (was 370,575), and deals 34,001 Damage per second (was 22,644) and 27,305 Elemental Damage per second (was 20,821).

Up to 4 Warriors can be active at once.

SILVER ABILITY: The Three Treasures

:black_small_square: Xianjiu gains 21,300 Damage (was 7,312) and 300,000 Health (was 227,241) by draining the Health and Damage of the [Emperor’s Chosen] Terracotta Warrior.

Xianjiu’s bonus Health and Damage boosts last for 10 seconds.

GOLD ABILITY: Strength in Numbers

:black_small_square: For each [Emperor’s Chosen] Warrior on the battlefield, Xianjiu gains 20,099 Critical Bonus (was 18,634) and a 5% Critical Hit Chance.

PLATINUM ABILITY: Sword of Goujian

:black_small_square: If a Terracotta Warrior summoned by [Emperor’s Chosen] is killed by [The Three Treasures], all allied Heroes gain 13,401 Attack Damage (was 9,266).

This can be stacked up to 5 times (was 10).


:black_small_square: A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage, but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero gains a 5,350 Elemental Armor (was 4,118) bonus and deals an additional 20,297 Damage to Cover (was 20,007).

Additional changes and bug fixes:

  • The cooldown of Silver ability: The Three Treasurers has been reduced by 7 seconds;
  • The chance of AI triggering Bronze Ability: Emperor’s Chosen has been increased to ~66%;
  • The damage dealt by Xianjiu to his summoned units has been decreased by 12%;
  • Fixed an issue where Xianjiu’s Silver ability wasn’t giving a bonus when there was only 1 unit summoned and was giving it only for 2 units and above;
  • Fixed a visual problem for his Platinum ability, where no value was displayed and instead of damage, elemental damage was shown;




:arrow_right: Power changed from 45,363 to 45,979
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 4,955 to 5,091
:arrow_right: Elemental armor changed from 5,972 to 7,066


No Changes!



:black_small_square: Creates a cloud of toxic nano particles to cover all enemies in the target area in toxic ashes. The movement speed of the affected enemies is slowed by 50% for 6 seconds (was 4 seconds) and they receive 100,008 Elemental Damage per second (was 75,471).

For each enemy affected by Nano Toxins Spewage receives additional 125,918 Health for the remainder of the match.


No Ability Stat Changes!

GOLD ABILITY: Volatile Toxins

:black_small_square: Whenever the effect of Nano Toxins ends, there is 50% chance for a small toxin explosion. This explosion deals 350,003 Elemental Damage (was 150,934) in a small area.


No Changes!


:black_small_square: Knowing is half the battle, allowing this Hero’s skills to start 100% charged. This Hero also gains a 3,598 Armor bonus (was 3,525) and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.

Additional changes:

  • Cast time decreased by ~60% and increased Cast animation by ~60%, which makes the casting of abilities faster

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Please keep in mind that all stats mentioned above are for a maxed Hero.


This is the most stellar update I think I have ever seen! Lots of much needed buffs, and even much needed changes to good hero’s like kier, well done to the team!

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I really like the ability to cast abilities faster. Mk2 could also really use that, (buff clyde first :wink: )

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Xianjiu’s plat skill when it activates, only he has the buff indicator, not his allies, which I assume means only he gets the buff, Carabina’s plat skill when activated give her allies the buff indicator for her plat skill.

Just an observation…


How do people like Spewage? I so rarely see people use him. I also wasn’t drawn to him due to his character design because I thought he seemed goofy.

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He has the ability to increase his health to ridiculous amounts, and now he can deal loads of damage. He also has a really fast ability recharge rate so he can be persistent.

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Xianju is hero for AI teams in Extreme only. From player’s side is #1 of most useless characters as for me. His only practical usage it’s cheap damage buff for Ronin. And even for this existing much more better alternatives like Hivemind or Striker. Current buff don’t change nothing.


@Robert_Pronk , mind telling him how he’s actually a good hero.


Current buff makes him a crit monster. With all clones up he can deal ridiculous damage. And they also live to keep that boost up. He deals genuine damage and absurd crit damage.


He is died on first seconds, lol. This is another glass tank like Callidius, Bucket, Savage, etc. Even someone midline like Holloway have better survivebility and armor stats.

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Okay? But his damage is higher. All characters are swiftly balanced out from their health to their damage or utility

Let’s not lie to ourselves, not all characters are balanced. He might be fun to play once in a while, but in no way is he equal to the top heroes.

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