I have been playing HH after its global release (which is 46 days)… i am a free to play player though. but this showdown requirements are ridiculous. how come a new players have flatline if there was no flatline framents available in game, till 2 days back ( guantlet store) . The first showdown event i played was cinder and there was cinder frags rewards for daily quest completion. that seems pretty fair coz new players like me can get cinder frags from just doing daily quests. anyway idk this is just my thought. i just want to make my point !!!

thanks !!


You have to realise that heroes are released in a periodical basis, Flatline was some 3updates back ( estimate 90 days ago). They usually put the previously released heroes to be farmed in other means. Is in alliance store ( rotating heroes ) or gauntlet store

Not sure about you, but Flatline frags is now available for me in the gauntlet store to be further purchased for upgrade.

Hope your matter has been addressed. Do explore all the buttons sans accepting a purchase

Flatline has been available in Gauntlet store for 10 days, going on 11.
If you bought her once per day (which is 5 fragments a day) you would have her before the event starts.
Also, its possibles to buy her more than once per day at VIP 0 - 9. So its possible to have her at 4*+ if you didnt have her before this update.

FYI… i joined the forum just 2 days back and was going through all the posts and came by seeing august month update and noticed the calander . until then idk there is a flatline event going to happen. did they happen to post anything in game stating flatline event is coming this month?

Yes they did. Look at the attached image. Should you doubt me, you can look it up in August calendar under “news and announcement”. They have been putting up each month’s calendar.

pls understand my question. i have seen the calendar in the forum (i.e 3 days back after i joined in forums)… but i am talking about (ingame) notice or notifications… so wat they want is every player has read forums? com’on i am a casual player. i dont read forums. i play the game, if they happened to post the calendar (ingame) as a message, that would be helpful to plan accordingly.


No there is no hint to that except the brawl popping up a few days before starting.

But the bigger question for me is, why is flatline advertised that much in morlock month?

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I think it follows a pattern, we got Caine and Cinder crates and events during… UAF month? Or Patriots maybe. They’re just pushing their recent characters out for some good time.

I honestly couldn’t remember that. But the event calenders are telling that you are right

In game notice for PVP events happens in the PVP tab. It’s usually 1 or 2 days before the event at most.

Hence, referring back to the main calendar is a good guide.

This guy seems right

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Wasn’t Flatline a hero you got from raids or am I completely lost :sweat_smile:?

Maybe before he started playing (46 days ago)?
I think we got her from the Dojo.

This is a good suggestion, I agree with this.
Any new thread in the “News & Announcements” category should maybe be advertised through an in-game message to notify all players to check it out.

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While you could have bought Flatline in the 12 days from August update, I agree with you that the calendar should be messaged ingame, just like you get a message talking about Morlocks being the featured faction.

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About the raid thing: yeah Flatline frags were rewarded for doing the coop daily raid a while back. She is very easy to get now from the gauntlet store too. I am sure the devs still require a larger patch to start integrating a full on calendar into the game. As far as I recall in earlier posts it was said by devs to be on the menu in the unforeseen future.

EDIT: Though I do wonder what a patriot is doing hanging around in a morlock month…

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Frankly, I post the message of the day, hardly anyone reads it or it’s too small in text. Where people still commit the same old boo boo. Like the recent alliance cop which I posted to the team to keep. Yet some still go head to do the coop despite me posting the message or fail to check upcoming events.

All forms of advance game notifications are there. Just the lazy nature of people for failing to check upcoming events. Make it a habit and it should be fine.

i see flatline showdown notifications in game exactly 3 days before the start and u expect us to have flatline before the event start? is that u trying to say?

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I understand you may be perturbed or frustrated. Read below and understand the perspectives and glint off it.

Like when I first started, mauler was featured in as the hero in PVP. I do not have him. Which was no participation from myself and a lot of others too. No lost there. I just participate in normal free to play PVP. Though may lack in rewards but still allow me game play nonetheless.

You have to realise the devs could not possibly cater to everyone, right ? Not sure if you are aware this game had its worldwide launch some 190days back. Beta was even earlier, we have some beta players with 300plus days account. A lot has progressed since than.

Hence some events would eventually exclude some parties due to certain lack of hero etc. The other thought is the devs way to drive revenue where it encourage players to up their VIP level so that they can do more gauntlet etc.

There are multiple platforms that devs put across their information to us. Discord, Forum or in game, but most times in game people tend not to check upcoming events in game. At the end of the day it’s the team leader and officer job to update everyone. That said, a simple tweak in habit would make the difference.

Frankly, the calendar map was up since 1st August. Additionally you are able to access the forum without having to sign up. Assuming you do check the forum you could have unlocked Flatline way before the event. Not forgetting Flatline is already in gauntlet store for some 12 days.

End of day, this game like any circumstances, we have limited resources and we have to make hard choices on who to unlock, upgrade, evolve etc. It all boils down to priorities.

In this case, one would sit out the event. Do look at all perspectives…

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When I was a newbie, I also brought this same concern but with Yan Long. It’s a legitimate concern that can alienate new players. Haha similar at that time, people are defending this short notices forcing new players to sit it out or buy crates in a Morlock month. Haha well, I see people are still blaming new players for wanting to join the events. Haha