Guide for Alcatraz

Alcatraz his abilities remain about being able to root enemies, his abilities do a very good job at rooting enemies and applying debuffs while he also makes himself and teammates stronger at dealing damage against rooted enemies, giving him a nice balance at debilitating and dealing damage while he also has a decent health pool, the best heroes to pair him with would be kunochi for her bonus damage against rooted enemies which will be insane with Alcatraz his rooting damage, and just about any hero who can really use the root to their advantage, like pris, beck, cross etc, if I would reccomend a team it would be kunochi, Alcatraz, phalanx, then either briar or flatline, both for their good heals and rooting abilities, and then either Kobold or keel to keep the team sturdy and healthy, if this guide helped you I was happy to help :slight_smile:

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I’d go surge over pris any day

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Alcatraz damage boosted if the enemy is rooted…
This recent hero, Marlowe, has a skill that can rooted enemy too…
So maybe they will form a new meta, Alcatraz, Marlowe, Surge and probably Alvarez can join the party also…

Alcatraz is a good top tier hero in any lineup IMO. Like the suggestion for kunoi synergy. Agree that Alcatraz Marlowe lineups will be interesting…if not at least stopping kurtz rolling shenanignaz. Imagine combining min into that for the ultimate piss off kurtz teams team

I have tried multiple combos this bounty, pairing him with razorback worked very well, he would mostly defeat 33m/37m bounty with 20 seconds left atleast 90% of time

Maybe surge is more viable in some ways but believe me pris is insane at her role now, it makes pvp easy and even better for raids

Never had issues with pris. She goes down fast

Her buff allows her to be more sturdy and her beguile is her main ability, use the zapper whenever you see a rooted enemy and the rest just makes her more viable in combat

Just had a question but how does his gold skill (confidential informant) work? Does it deal damage to nearby enemies or replicate the current debuff (eg silenced) to a random enemy? I don’t have him yet so not sure how this works.

Replicate the debuffs that atack gave

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