Extreme 3-10 Help

I’m having a hard time on 3-10 extreme, and I haven’t found much of anything around the forums, so I want to make a topic dedicated to it.

I can’t get past the first wave, even while following the HH Wiki’s strategy with Serial, Hivemind, Kurtz, Flatline, and Mandrake (all but Mandrake are ruby). It seems like it worked because Kurtz executed a random hero back then. Now, he will actually kill the one with the lowest health bar. I always end up with Serial or Hivemind executed, if not already killed by the enemy, which throws it all awry. Maybe I could try shooting as someone else first, but they would probably die even more quickly than Serial or Hive.

I’m honestly very curious as to what other teams are out there that are effective for this mission.

I’ve thought about upgrading any of the following: Mandrake, Min, Obrez. I have a ton of resources to get at least two Heroes to Ruby & 10-stars quickly. I do not have Fiber, MK. 2, Stratus, Elixir, or Warden. Let me know if you wanna see my roster.

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Except for fiber. I don’t see any of these listed heroes performing better at that stage. I use the exactly recommended team. And i can see it works. But this mission especially is about timing. Luck and dedication. You have the right team i’m sure. Re read ghastly’s guide on how exactly the kill order is. This is a really important aspect of extreme

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Make sure your line up is as follows. Hive, serial, mandrake, flatline, and Kurtz. Make sure kurts executes mandrake

Even this lineup also works serial , hive , mandrake, flatline , kurtz. Even plat+4/5 mandrake works too. Make sure as wave starts you get hit on pris and serial pop up his shield. Then comes 1st execute from kurtz. Use serial silver to kill prophet instantly, pop up another shield, shoot keel then all will die soon. Make sure all are not finished early and kurtz execute gets charged again . As 1st wave ends , switch to kurtz and immediately at starting of 2nd wave use kurtz 2nd execute. Switch to serial, kill halo then surge then comes gale as her mark can kill serial instantly. Enemy serial shield may take your one hero so save flatline bronze. As 2nd wave ends do 3rd execute from kurtz. Kill hivemin from serial, one striker also. Switch to flatline , charge her bronze and before wave ends use her bronze for 3*

Min , oberez are waste of cores. Instead do commander, siren to ruby

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