For Quick Win All - Can a Secondary Ask "Do you want to complete Quick win all" be added

I’m sure many have made that mistake of pressing Quick Win All and definetly did Not want to do that… If you at Hh could add a saftey or secondary ask if you want to complete Quick Win all attempts/purchase. Especially if you are saving your stamina and quick win tickets for new heros. It can be a lot… i just had a team member do this and was saving his stamina and tickets for Shiv. Hope this can be done. Happy Hunting, T50

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40 extra stamina and 4 qw is a lot? btw it will be annoying to be asked dozen times if you want to qw all.

No more like anywhere from 1500-10500+ stamina (10000+ when there are deals) and anywhere from 100-600+ qw tickets that one push of the button and poof all that gone which has happen… luckily I didn’t experience the 10,500+ but a teammate did :(…

Oh right i thought you were talking about hard mode