Farewell from your friendly ghost

Why would you say they took him for granted? What makes you think he wasn’t compensated at all for some of the things he did? There are others that post videos on YouTube on how to beat extreme missions using other teams. He is leaving, more of you will leave and others will stay and more will come. Circle of life in any game…Majority of you that say you quit, retire, take a break ect all come back anyway so don’t take things too seriously


I have never been compensated for the work I did, nor do I ever want to be. Everything I have done for this game, including the community events I did out of my own good will for everyone else so they could enjoy the game more.

Speaking of which, I did not mention the community events in the post above. I have never received a reward for the community events and never took part so everyone else could enjoy them, sadly with my departure this may mean the end of them for a while. If you are interested in running the events then I would recommend mentioning it on the server and to the devs and mods. The events can be run by anyone but the devs did entrust me to be fair so I am unsure if anyone will come forwards


Ghastly leaving💔


That’s pretty dope that you did everything just to do it because you wanted to. That is how every game should be, if you don’t work for the company you don’t need to be compensated for anything.

What I like about you the most is instead of being like everyone else and complaining or threatening to leave you actually tried your best to improve the game and help others have fun in the game. That is very mature of you, I wish more people would do that and I am sure this game would be even better.

Too many threats of people who say they will leave but we know they won’t because they invested too much into the game.


I guess it had to happen one day. I will miss you. dude. When I had questions or gripes, you were a shining beacon in the night. I can’t say anything bad because you were always so positive about playing. You gave good insight that helped me to play better. I stopped posting after the run ins with the grumpy dev dudes. Totally turned me off. So, where ever you may go, know that you left behind some good memories for some. Thanks for all of your help and good luck where ever you go.


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So long Ghastly and good luck! I think I had 1 PVP match against you and you whooped me really fast! Lol. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to help me and so many other players.

I’m 3+ years in and soon to be level 99. I’m shooting for level 100 but I totally understand the feeling of losing interest. I hope there are some significant changes coming in the next year to make the game more exciting (like bring back the original War setup-no improvements :slight_smile: ) Either way, I stay because of the gaming friendships I have developed. They are like family to me. Plus its fun being one of the the admins to the HH facebook fanpage and watching the new players get excited and grow. :slight_smile:

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Uuh… Bro…
Never thought u’ll be leaving so soon…
We don’t talk much, but I remember that I asked for your guidance several times in this game…
You are one of the neutral mods for this game, and I really appreciate it, bro…

Thankyou for mentoring me…

What you wrote above is true…
Even there’s a thread from old players regarding the suggestions for this game… But maybe it couldn’t be implemented so fast…

Wishing you all the best, man…

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Thanks for all that you’ve done Ghastly, your presence will be missed! Good luck with everything in the future, I know you have great things coming for you. All the best to you :sparkles:


I’m looking forward to quitting myself. I run across a recurring bug every now and then. I have to say the bounty damage total bug is a weird one. My last challenge is to bar some rubies. However I won’t purchase any ruby packs at that price point. I’ll see how long I last. I have a big holiday coming soon and I’ll miss out on a bunch of the stuff I like to keep up with. Moving on is not a bad thing, especially, if you’ll be in a better place. Thanks for everything


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