HHG is the drop rate % the same for gear over different District levels?


Bronze canisters the same chance over both these levels?



That’s something I’ve been curious too. And I want to expand the question a bit, if you allow me:

Does the amount of different items affect chances? 7-5 and 7-9 drop gas mask fragments, but one list three items (gas mask, heavy helmet and assault rifle) , the other two (gas mask and sword).

Do I have more chances to get gas masks on 7-9?

Yep, like is it a 50/50 split and a 33/33/33 split.

the 50/50 or 33/33/33 numbers aren’t really accurate since you can get no items as well. I’ve even gotten gear that wasn’t listed as obtainable for that level so there’s really no way to tell how many different combinations there are.


Drop rates are the same per mission, regardless of district. However, different items will have different drop rates.

Also, the chance of an item drop doesnt change with number of possible drops. The drop rate of each item is independant of each other.

Later missions have a chance to drop additional bonus items at a greatly reduced chance. These bonus items are unlisted because the drop chances are significantly lower than regular.


Oh man we seriously needed to know this, thanks. This means it will be best to farm specific items at their lowest stamina cost. Eg silver throwing knives available at 5 and 6 stamina on Easy Mode… farm at 5 stamina.

Still have a ton of questions though regarding the drop rates eg on Hard Mode but this information is good to know for a start!

Thanks Omni, is it the same rate with Hard mode as well? Ie both Hard and Normal offer the same % chance

Thanks for the info, Omni.

@Omnipotent As others have asked, does the drop rate differ between hard and normal mode missions?

This is only based on my experience, so no gurantee that it is right.

Silver Items have a ~50% drop chance, Gold ~40% and Platinum ~30%. Never really oberved the Bronze/Green chances, but 60/70% would follow the pattern.
Hard mode lifts the drop chances for 50%. So you have 75% for Silver, 60% for Gold etc, while the needed energy is doubled. Farming in hard mode is there for only worth it, if you get frags as a bonus, or if you have a good combination of items. They sometimes differ from the same campaign in normal mode. I for example farm 6-1 hard every day, because you get silver and gold knives and additionally Hardscope frags.

For farming it is best to always farm with the lowest needed amount of energy, except if you can farm two needed items in one mission. Always start with the highest needed mission, because as Omni statet, you can get bonus drops. If you are lucky you need them and have to farm less later on.

That is how I farm and my progress is good, even to good, because I am always lacking canisters, even though I do not buy energy :neutral_face:

@Omnipotent see my question above please