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The February 2019 Update is OUT NOW!

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What’s New?

:muscle:t4: New Hero

Faction_Shoremen Bucket

  • Bucket is a “Hired Enforcer”. She charges headfirst into the conflict to keep her Allies safe. Bucket stacks powerful shields and heals to stay in the fight, risking herself to draw attention away from her allies and recovering her own Health as long as she stays aggressive.

:tshirt: New Hero Skins

  • See the list of New Skins in the February 2019 Update below.
Common (4) Rare (1)
Cabal Caine Lovestruck Cross
Barnacle Cast
Hooligan Mauler
Noxious Salvatore

Gameplay Changes

:loudspeaker: New Mission Dialogue:

  • Added new Wave Transition quips: Heckler, Halloway, Ronin, Mauler, Fortress, Clyde, Panzer, Fischer, Sapphyr, Cinder, Wesson, Caine, Matador, Richter, Hivemind, Steele, Gammond, Scum, Galante, Callidus, Kobold, and Baron.

:ambulance: Heal Block Improvements:

  • Improved the reduction to Healing from 90% to 95%.

:shopping_cart: PvP Store

  • Anvil & Beck will be replacing Mauler & Clyde in the PvP Store.

:shopping_cart: Gauntlet Store

  • Ronin will be replacing Flatline in the Gauntlet Store.

:shield: :crossed_swords: :heavy_plus_sign: ROLE WARFARE: Role Specialization

Hero Changes

Matador Keel Fischer Yanlong Surge Hideo_a Sapphyr Mauler Ronin

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Matador Matador

Matador was very reliant on killing blows for the majority of his Skills to have maximum effect. The overall consistency of his Self Healing/Shielding has been greatly improved; Bull Rush always Heals, and Lead the Charge applies a shield whenever cover is broken. *Matador will still feel powerful in campaign missions, but now some of his strength will be more useful in the average PvP situation and in other Hero on Hero conflicts.

  • Improved Bull Rush:

    • Self Heal is always triggered.
    • Reduced Self Heal.
    • Adjusted Elemental Damage growth & scaling.
  • Improved Rally Cry:

    • Improved Heal Over Time.
  • Improved Lead the Charge:

    • Shield is also triggered whenever cover is demolished.
    • Improved Duration; 10 seconds > 16 seconds
  • Reworked Rending Blades:

    • Critically hitting an enemy allows the next 10 shots to ignore enemy Armor.

Keel Keel
Minor improvements to the strength of Keel’s Passive skills. While Scavenger was a very powerful Heal it was extremely uncommon for its full potential to be utilized. We’ve lowered the maximum potential of the Healing over Time, but increased the strength of each charge; it will take fewer Cover Breaks to cap out the Healing on a single target.

  • Improved Scavenge:

    • Improved Heal Over Time.
    • Reduced maximum charges; 10 > 5
  • Improved Ablative Armor:

    • Improved Bonus Armor.

Fischer Fischer

Major improvements to Fischer’s effectiveness vs. Bosses and Bounties. We’ve made boosts to Fischer’s Skills; Grapple Dash now deals significantly more Damage, but at a greater risk to himself, Lockdown had its Damage per second increased, and Submerge also had its Damage increased.

  • Improved Grapple Dash:

    • Now deals Damage equal to Fischer’s remaining Health.
    • Deals self-damage equal to 50% of damage dealt.
    • If the target has lower Health deal a flat amount of damage instead.
  • Improved Lockdown:

    • Increased Elemental Damage over Time.
  • Improved Submerge:

    • Increased Bonus Elemental Attack.
  • Improved Wetwork:

    • Activated whenever [Submerge] is triggered, no longer activated by enemy kills.
    • Increased Evasion chance; 8% per Charge > 15% per Charge.
    • Reduced Bonus Elemental Attack.

Yanlong Yanlong
Minor reworks and Skill adjustments to reduce complexity, allow greater synergy and bring some extra value to other Skills. Dig In can now be used to repair his own Cover and instantly heal himself, and Bastion now restores Health as long as Yanlong is in Cover. These changes should help to give Yanlong a better chance when fighting in cover, and give him the opportunity to repair his cover and stretch a match out longer allowing him to build up a lot more charges of Dig In.

  • Reworked Dig In:

    • Now, repairs Covers.
    • Now, instantly restores Health, when already active.
    • Skill Charge no longer disables when at maximum charges. Charges are capped to 5, but additional activations will still Heal and Repair Cover.
    • Increased Damage Resistance; 12% per Charge > 16% per Charge
    • Removed Heal over Time.
  • Improved Bastion:

    • Whenever this Hero is in Cover he recovers Health.
    • Reduced low Health Bonused Armor.

Surge Surge
Major improvements to Surge’s Damage output and overall support for his Allies. Surge is a very popular early game due to the strength of his permanent Root and area Lift, but loses favour later on due to a lack of direct Damage. We’ve improved all of his Skills allowing them to deal more direct Damage; Surge will still bring a lot of utility for his team, but keep his Damage output competitive with other Heroes.

  • Improved Gravity Well:

    • Increased movement slowing area ; 3.5 > 6.0
    • Increased Elemental Damage over Time.
  • Improved Gravitron Surge:

    • Increased Elemental Damage.
  • Improved Zero G:

    • Increased Elemental Damage over Time.
  • Improved Helping Hand:

    • Now applies to all other allied Heroes, was previously only 1 random ally.
    • Reduced movement speed bonus; 30% > 15%
    • Reduced Heal over Time.

Hideo_a Hideo
Minor Improvements to Hideo’s Passive Skills. These changes improve Hideo’s Bladestorm and dramatically improve his effectiveness against large numbers of extremely weak enemies.

  • Improved Momentum:

    • Increased max Charges; 3 > 10
    • Killing an enemy reduces the cooldown of Bladestorm.
  • Improved Penetrating Shot:

    • Bladestorm has a chance to bounce to a nearby enemy.

Sapphyr Sapphyr
Minor Improvements to cooldown times of Sapphyr’s Rift Blade. A general reduction to cooldown as well as a cooldown boost during Shadow Step will increase the pressure Sapphyr can exert early game, and give her an additional lethal edge for short bursts.

  • Improved Rift Blade:

    • Improved Cooldown; 60 > 50
  • Improved Shadow Step:

    • Increased Cooldown charge Bonus; +50% > +100%

Beck Beck
Minor Improvements to Beck’s Frag Grenade. These changes help to reduce the casting delays and travel times for her grenade and help to increase the chances of a hit.

  • Improved Frag Grenade:
    • Improvements to cast and trigger delays.
    • Increased Projectile Speed; 18.0 > 25.0
    • Increased Elemental Damage.
    • Increased Elemental Damage over Time.

Mauler Mauler

  • Adjusted Flash Powder:
    • Reduced Duration; 5 seconds > 3 seconds

Ronin Ronin

  • Adjusted Honorbound:
    • Reduced Bonus Attack.
    • Increased Bonus Health.

Scum Scum

  • Fixed Breathe Deep, fixed a minor tuning issue with the cooldown recovery on wave change.

Hardscope Hardscope

  • Fixed Hardscope, changed skill description. Boosted damage doesn’t affect BFG.


The Hero changes look really interesting. Especially Matador, Surge and Keel will be much more valiabe in PvP.

How much the changes effect Ronin and Mauler teams is up for test, but they seem reasonable. Only that Ronin will be less viable in Bounty is a let down :frowning:


Great choice of replacement :slight_smile:

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Wow, great to see some love for some of the more forgotten heroes! Looks like some great changes incoming.

@BombBella I also want to continue the praise for the more detailed and specific patch notes. Seeing actual numbers on changes is very helpful and makes things feel much more thought-through from a player perspective.


Thank you so much for listening to my feedbacks on Fischer.

It looks like a cool update! Great hero rebalances. Cute Cross skin.
But please don’t write that the update is “out now” when it’s not.


Fisher could get valiable too if you protect him good enough to burst out the full potential of his bronze. I am not sure if he may does to much damage, since he already has 317k HP at 7*

Update looks solid and Thx for mode detailed information! And Update is NOT out, and yet u say it is?!?! Click Bait! Haha


I’m looking forward to those fischer buffs, hopefully it will bring him into everyday gameplay.

This is a big oof for me. My Flatline’s nearly 10 stars and now I gotta spend a few more days feeding her fragments.

Not gonna complain too much, though. I’m sure Ronin is a good replacement.

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My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Give BFG the boosted damage, pls thnx.

@MAC Are you on iOS? Updates for the different platforms come out on different times, sometimes different days.

No update that I can get from google play atm ;( even tried deleting and reinstalling but no joy

My Surge is getting some sweet sweet love! Better watch out suckas!

It should make him more valiable for sure. But the damage could be to much. A 450k hit with one unavoidable skill. That could may hit to hard. But we have to see how it works out in ganeplay. Its great for bounty for sure, he will hit hard :grin:

Question about Fischer in Bounty:

Here’s a scenario, an 8* Fischer will be 5x boosted for Bounty Bonus during Shoremen month…
In this example he has 1 Million HP due to the health boost. His Grapple Dash does Damage equal to his remaining health, and the 5x Damage boost would mean his Grapple dash will do 5 Million Damage right?

So, my question is, would Grapple Dash cause him to commit suicide?
Considering he takes 50% Damage of the Damage he deals, meaning he would take 2.5Million Damage… meaning he dies… the ultimate sacrifice…


Update looks sweet! I lost flatline in gauntlet but gained ronin.

With the nerf on ronin could there be more details as this is a big knock for me In pvp :sleepy: how much damage will he loose

Also @BombBella will we ever see a legendary skin again? It’s been a while


I’m pretty sure don’t have the update yet either.